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January 09, 2009


A.G. Gnostic

Just an observation, but this all sounds like Metal for people who don't really like Metal.

Kurt Gottschalk

You may have a point, mate. I do likes me some Sabbath, Isis, Mastadon, Slayer, and of course KISS, but what really struck me on my quest here was I think metal is pushing its own boundaries more than other forms usually considered to be more experimental or exploratory lately. And if it's metal and I like it, then don't I like metal anyway? Aw, now I'm all confused.


Metal is pushing outward more than any other genre and it's exciting to hear some of the new artists, no argument there. Still, I prefer things that have at their core at least the fundamentals of Metal music, more like the bands you mentioned in your comment above. With the exception of Abyssed, the artists in your list strike me more like experimental music wearing metal clothes.



Kurt Gottschalk

Well everyone gets their preferences to be sure, but "experimental music wearing metal clothes" is a bit judgemental, innit? As if there's a club that they're being denied entry into? Isn't it a bit like saying (at the time) that Albert Ayler isn't playing jazz, or The Sex Pistols aren't playing rock? Admittedly I tend to lean toward music at the fringes, but often the fringes end up influencing the mainstream.


While it is not impossible for an outsider to produce insightful remarks about any sufficiently deep subject matter, it is certainly astronomically unlikely.

I get the impression that you feel the essence of metal is that it is un-listenable to the untrained ear. This appears to be the criterion used to make your selections. (If I'm wrong I think your article would be vastly improved if you revealed what criteria you DID use.)

It seems that you have been distracted by the imagery of metal and missed the point: music.


I never meant to suggest that your selections were not mainstream enough, only that most of them, in my view, weren't "Metal" enough. I would never say that Ayler didn't play jazz, or that The Pistols didn't play rock. I would, however, posit that Tecumseh do not play metal, judgmental though it may seem.

Kurt Gottschalk

Well, I certainly didn't mean to tempest up any teapots. All I was writing about was my happy discoveries of the year past. I've loved and hated metal my whole life, but don't claim to know anything about it. I certainly wasn't trying to present my little myth as learned opinion.

So, yeah, Joe, I certainly don't mean to be calling these bands unlistenable. I sincerely like all of the bands I listed. But I was happily not using any criteria other than what sounds cool to me. As for it not being music, well, maybe so. Much of what I listen to could be argued as not being music, though it's kind of a strange loop of an argument to get in to.

And Gnos, I might be inclined to agree with you on Tecumseh. But really the definition of metal I've been using is kinda just "stuff I read about on metal blogs."

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