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January 15, 2009



Great crop of clips. I was surprised...I mean, I didn't think the "Room Service" guy was going to go as far as he did with that zucchini...


This blog looks promising. I always thought the FOUND FOOTAGE FILM FESTIVAL was a little weak.
Their commentary always seemed about as clever as a 5th grade teacher.


Oh, great, they edited out all the info about how to use the new Philips CD Recorder. Now I'll never know how to create the perfect one-year anniversary date.


Anybody remember the BoneFone? It was advertised regularly in late '70s issues of Omni. While it lacked the sartorial flair of the stereo vest, the ads touted the Bonefone for giving FM stereo sound through the skeleton. Since we had to go across the street to our neighbors to play atari it's needless to say I never possessed one of these scarf-like FM radios.

plunderpunk exotic dancer? holy guacamole that's not the thing to say!


i loved 'blind vision' when i was a kidlet!

also, re: music vest--toys r us used to send these speaker pins that you plugged into a walkman, similar idea. damn i wish i had bought a pile of them now.

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