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February 01, 2009



This is way cool. I wonder if he felt that these television appearances were beneath him. That bit of impatience in Jerry's personality really added a nice vibe to The King of Comedy, though. I have the LP 'Jerry Sings', and I'll tell you he's much better in a duet!

Kliph, how about a battle of the bands amongst the children of Hollywood royalty: GL&thePs vs. Tony and the Tigers vs. Dino Desi & Billy. I'd pay to see that.


I dunno, he seems like was being at least a good sport. It didn't seems like he was particular hip with the tunes, but that's no biggie. They swung the cuts he sang on.

I think Barry McGuire is the real anomaly here. The guy has always seemed to me like the lovechild of Nick Nolte and Steve Zahn.

Jack The Hat

I think you're being a bit harsh on the old fella, Kliph. Neither TV nor rock 'n' roll were Jerry's bag - that's obvious enough - but I think his reaction as seen here has more to do with a fish-out-of-water thing than "jealousy". Jerry pulled strings all over the place to get Gary's career up and barking, and Patti financed his first single. The very Jerry did this show, when it clearly isn't his schtick, is probably testament to his love for Gary.


We can't really know what Jerry's thinking of course, but one reason I like to watch him in anything aside from his movies is that he seems to be hating every second of the experience and barely conceals it. That's why these Jerry clips are completely awesome...thanks!

Howdy Dodad

Uh, there were plenty of cringe-worthy moments, but none I can attribute to any negative interactions between father and son. Also, the show was only 1/2 an hour, not an hour as Listener Kliph stated in the title. I do believe that he either was watching another episode or is really reaching when he perceives Jerry's jealousy. I think Jack the Hat and Gnat got it right.


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