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February 26, 2009



I wonder how often you have to tune a grand piano that is spun upside down nightly? Or to keep an organ that has knives thrown at it in working order?


I watched this when it was originally on and quite enjoyed it. What surprised me most was how Phil Collins doesn't come across like a dick in it and Mike Rutherford does. So does Carl Palmer but then that doesn't surprise me. I loved the bit where he managed in a single sentence to criticise the vast majority of drummers on the planet by suggesting that they are essentially metronomes.

Another classic piece of prog to come from the BBC is this:


Thank you for sharing this outstanding display of pretentious indulgence. I loved every second of it.

Doug from DC

I've been hearing the term "bombastic" used as a complement recently, and at least one musician enthusiastically referring to his own work as "bombastic." I'm sure this is the result of prog rock's critics constantly sticking to the terms "pretentious" and "bombastic" (probably the only three-syllable put-downs in their vocabulary). I'm amused that their criticism backfired on them.


Haven't watched yet, but your photos remind me of a Mojo article (are they online anywhere?) about 6 or 7 years ago highlighting ELPs U.S. tour, the number of people it took to produce, how much it cost in semis, buses, food and hotel rooms for the orchestra and crew, and how much money they hemmoraged every show. It must have been a spectacle.


That was great, thanks for the lead.


Great show !!i must have watched it 20 times but who sang the closing track played over the credits ??????

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