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February 21, 2009



Instead of 'ghetto germination station' you might want to call them 'cloches' instead. Don't know what kind of material our window frames are made of, but if you can add a shelf or two inside them you can gain space for those sun loving seedlings. Only thing that stops me from starting things indoors? Cats.


Ah yes, and don't we all have one of those... My was a scratch and dent black tom kitten from the mean streets of Brooklyn. He ate every plant in the apt. Then we moved out west, and I discovered that cats have a deep need for grass. They eat it like cows and it is essential for their digestion. Now my guy doesn't even sniff the indoor plants, he eats the long thick bladed grasses exclusively. I'd pull out a divot of the stuff and send it to you Dale, but I'm sure there's some wherever you live. A pot of wheatgrass would go a long way towards curbing your beasts appetite for the good green.

So GG, how many seeds did you put into each bottle? And how many bottles did you make? For what it is worth, one adult genovese basil plant would just about fit in that coke bottle.


Hi Dale!

I went with Ghetto Germination Station because cloches are only part of it - there's also the self-watering parts, the yogurt pots and so on. And the blog addresses the issue not only of growing things on a low income, but also in embracing garbage to help with that process. I'm blogging on behalf of those of us who simply don't have the resources to invest in fancy pots and expensive propogators - cloches are for people who garden for a hobby. Ghetto gardening is the serious business of feeding our families in an economic and social crisis in low-income housing with no access to green space, and transforming urban spaces.

There really is no other way of putting it - I live in Government assisted housing in an urban ghetto on a low wage. This blog is about making the most of that situation and empowering both myself and any readers who take up the gauntlet to transform their lives.

I have a cat too - and I'd encourage you to give it a go! :)


Hi k!

The bottles and pots are for starting off only, so there's a couple of seeds in each - once they get to the two leaf stage I'll be hardening them off and potting them on to their new homes outside. :)

I've got some cat grass for my puss - keeps her nose away from the other goodies! ;)


Hi there,
I also live in government assissted housing in a ghetto, no garden, just a balcony so love these ideas! Wil also plant some grass as my cats were very outdoorsy until we ended up here and its unsafe for them to go outdoors now. Thanks guys!

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