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February 03, 2009


blade warrior

wow thats amazing

Howdy Dodad

Yep. Gave me chills hearing that: both because of Holly's voice and how cruel and stereotypical Cohen's response is.


That the music "business." America eats its young.


I love that Buddy plays the role of the polite dumb hillbilly while in truth being smart enough to be recording the entire conversation




Paul Cohen, what a schmuck.


This is really marvellous! Holly sounds his age, but remains polite and deferential, while--as noted--all the while clearly hip to the hustle. Awesome stuff!


The rest is history, and the winner was, of course, Buddy Holly, whose life would be short but whose legacy would go on and on. As a long-timer on Nashville's Music Row, I can tell you that Owen Bradley running late for a waterskiing appointment sounds so very untypical of him or the way he did business. He was a great man and a visoinary who probably produced more hits out of Nashville than anybody. Though he did produce one rocker, Brenda Lee, he obviosuly didn't understand Buddy Holly's music. Buddy was so original that Mr. Bradley had probably never heard anything like it, and didn't get what he was trying to do.


Jerry Allison: "We were gonna use somebody's bass but when we arrived at the session it wasn't there. It was up at WSM and we had to go up there real quick and get that bass or we weren't gonna get to record that day--or ever again! He (Owen Bradley) wanted to go waterskiing and he gave us twenty minutes to round up that bass."


listening to a Buddy 'phone call after 50 years. Amazing and brilliant


I love this post, it shows the music business for what it is, Buddy is one of the greats and his music is as strong today as it ever was,
Thank you for putting this little bit of history up for us all to hear.
Buddy Silver


how clever of holly to tape,what a talent,unreal,that was holly...ron



Henry O

That guy was really un-helpful. I'm happy to hear this recording. That record executive wants to hears his new stuff first. That is not cool

alicia wilhite

screw paul cohen Buddy released the song anyway and the rest is rock n roll

Eric Larson

Amazing. Really clear like he is here today. What a twisted element of Buddy's Singing career. He realysounds like a good dude... They played golf on the floors, so that's all they were thinking about...

Jayne Loftus

Good story, even if a lot of it is fanciful and novelized. Petty was the smart one, he owned the recorder and suggested to Holly what to say and how to record the call. The subterfuge may not have worked, but the parties came to a compromise just as we would expect - given that Decca, Coral and Brunswick were the same ownership.


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