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February 09, 2009





You are missing a couple:

Fuckin' Eskimo
Bullshit parties


made my day. err life


I get the feeling he's been saying "This shit's getting way too complicated for me" a lot lately now that he's president and sees how screwed up an complicated the world really is. Stones are so easy to throw from the outside.....


As someone who has used way too many Reagan and Bush (either) samples in my life, this comes as the answer to a dirty secret wish I had recently. Gosh,I knew I should have been taping some of his recent vocals. There are a bunch of people that are going to get very naughty with this stuff now.


As a matter of fact, in the months leading up to the election, some enterprising internet denizens put together a Flash soundboard mixing these with various salutations.

Apparently, a number of people used it to prank call various local Obama offices as "Obama," essentially launching into what became - with various phrases completely isolated from context - racist diatribes.

Someone on YouTube also spliced his voice together into George Carlin's Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television.


icludes links to youtube, prank calls, obama soundboards, etc.

Will Stephens

Ha! I'll have to see if I can incorporate some of this into my show!

--DJ Will
Philadelphia Wedding DJ

Bill W

There wouldn't be a "Civil liberties? Fuck that!" clip, would there?


we sounds white, quite white


Who cares I say that shit all the time!

bob fnord

I've already made a station ID out of one.....

Rory Murray

Now if he would only pimp out Pelosi, we can balance the budget.

Jimmy John

It's good. But ya can't touch GWB for the volume of stupid shit:


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