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February 07, 2009



Thanks for all of this! Much appreciated. However, 45 God's Basketballs is a bad link.


You're welcome, Jeff--and hey, thanks for pointing out the problem; I had a feeling that out of all of that typing I would goof on at least one song link. She's all fixed, now.


Hey Mindwrecker,
Thanks for these!. I've got one more link error to bring to your attention though -- songs number 38 and 39 are both the same (I'd rather not have oral sex). Anyway, thanks again. Looking forward to whatever you've got next.


Song number 38 should be correct ("Foreplay Before Love"), now. I left out tongue of stoat somehow in the Typepad recipe.

Account Deleted

The cult of Elton and Betty is also spreading thanks to a rather significant article about them in the newest Oxford American - the music issue with Jerry Lee Lewis on the cover. It also comes with a lovely CD collection that features "Heat". I mention it because I just picked this issue up and was excited to see the article just moments after reading your posts!


Sometimes you wake up and feel depressed because it seems that there is no more joy left in this world. Then you hear a song like "I'm in love with your behind" and you know that you were wrong. Thank you!


I come from the uk & now am a MAJOR fan of elton & betty! Thanks for posting this for us!


Thank you for being a resource! I just read the article in Oxford American (worth seeking out if you are a fan), and it was just a pleasure to find the apparently long-lost tracks on your site. WFMU is always the best.



Lady Monster

I was recently on Venice Beach and spoke with Harry Perry about Elton and Betty.
He became rather emotional and informed me that Betty had a severe stroke on Venice Beach last summer and died soon after. Elton, in reaction to Betty's death had his own stroke and has since then been unable to come back to the beach and perform.
He also stated that these recordings are ultra-rare and do not exist in CD form. Thank you for keeping their art alive.

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