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February 26, 2009



No offense, but maybe you can put all this stuff below the fold, huh?

Joseph "Fender" Schafer

Done and done.

Sorry, forgot that last part. all further entries will be 1/5th this size, of course.

fatty jubbo

excellent analysis...I look forward to more!

Dave K.

The solos on Sep albums are played by Andreas Kisser. Max, bless him, doesn't even tune his guitar.

Uncle Ash

Saw Godflesh at the Channel (BOS) in 89/90 9(?) - I remember they had to reprogram their drum machine before the show because they had lost all their files. Back when I was ... "angrier".


I remember discovering "Demanufacture" in the used bin of a music store during my first trip to LA. It was the new digipak format-Winter 1995. I was just getting into extreme metal and I thought this was the most sinister sounding CD I had ever heard. Cold and soul less. The friend I was staying with thought I was insane. He liked new wave. I played it every night-real late. It's pretty tame today but at that time, it was awesome.

Joseph Schafer

So my posts are going to stop at WFMU, sadly, but more content by me is available and will continue to be available at:

thanks for the support, hope to see you there!






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