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February 24, 2009


Ray Zinnbrazen

This sounds like the Ventures and the Fugs took LSD and tried to make a gospel surf album together. Cool!!


Damn. That's perfect!

Deke Dickerson

Hi there--I certainly enjoyed the music of the Musical Harts!! But I don't think it was Reverend Doyle Hart and his doubleneck Mosrite.

Not sure if this photobucket image will show up here, but I've attached a jpg of "The Musical Harts of Detroit" which I believe is your group you have posted here. The cover identifies the patriarch of the family as Ralph Hart, not Rev. Doyle.

The Detroit proximity makes sense for you to find a copy of the LP in Ontario, Canada, as well.


Kristian l.

That are my father that playd guitar sing on some songs
and they are not stoned.
The rekording is done in Oslo Norway 1966 in june.
Ralph Hart is first singer than sings my father Roland And my
onkel Curt ho is playing Bass.
Curt & Roland has been on 3 rekordings with Musical Hart 1 Are you Sure, If you belive and Child of the King ho is this rekord here.Curt & Roland is coming from Sweden and they was famous group in Sweden and Norway but Roland was so good on his Guitar so Ralph pickt him and Curt for this rekordings.Then they went on tour over Europe Usa and South america.
From Kristian in Sweden

Michael Hurtt

Doyle is Ralph's brother. His church is located in the genius Acadamy Theater in Inglewood; Ralph has one in an old art deco theater on Seven Mile Road here in Detroit. They are both in their late eighties and have another brother around the same age still pastoring in Texas, where they are all from. Doyle and Ralph came to Detroit in 1954 and cut a 45 of "Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down" with some cool guitar that I am assuming is Doyle. I also have a 78 they made when they were still in Texas with some good steel breaks; both are on Texas Musical Harts Records.

I suppose it may be up to you and I to head down to these architectural wonders of our respective locales and try unraveling the Hart Brothers' whole story. When did Doyle move to California? Did he make recordings out there? Does he still have his Mosrite? Does he still play it? As for Ralph, I wonder how many singles they put out on the aforementioned Texas Musical Harts label. And then, how many albums with the Musical Hart Family? I have three.


The third brother, Maurice, died a couple years ago. There is a web site for Ralph's church, Liberty Temple. HE and his wife divorced many years ago, she runs a banquet place in Vegas, daughter Linda appeared in a few movies, is now doing Broadway.


Do not know what you have against the Harts. Knew Curt and Roland very well. They were at the church quite a while.

The Harts have done a lot of good in their lifetimes. They enjoyed what they did and enjoyed singing and playing the musical instruments. Ralph, Doyle and Raymond are the only three left.

bob mottor

Found several Hart Albums last Saturday in Dallas, Texas. I have

I Found the Answer by The Musical Harts
Hey Mr.Devil! Ralph and Abilene Hart
If you Beleive The Musical Harts
God is Near The Musical Hart Family
Heart and Soul Larry Hart & Soul
Going Up in Smoke Larry Hart & Soul

ogg vorbis

The weirdness needs no comment - after all, that's why we're here. But the bass does indeed sound like someone stuck a delay on it in the mix.

Has anyone else ever considered the idea that some studio folks might dislike something like this enough to deliberately mess with them? It wouldn't be hard to slap a delay on the bass and have it playing late, or worse, slowly drifting late and back, and incidentally a bit out of tune.

Tammy Swindell's "Two By Two" sounds like this. She actually sings the verse tolerably on-key (no, not good, just on-key - I never said she was good), and then in the chorus, it not only goes beyond pear-shaped, but you can hear her swooping up and down, AND you can hear her timbre go out the window as she realizes she's way off pitch. And then the next verse is fine again. Personally I think the engineer stuck a delay or pitch shifter on her monitor to make her sing off key, and only on the choruses. In fact, the last chorus is quite reasonable, except she's got no more confidence, and then the ending dies...

I have, in person, seen this done to opening bands, but haven't ever heard anyone own up to getting away with it on record.


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