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February 11, 2009


Mr Fab

There was no need to credit or play the entire tracks - everyone who heard this would have recognized Terry Snyder/Enoch Light's "In The Mood For Love" and other songs from "Persuasive Percussion," an album as ubiquitous as "Thriller" in it's day (2 years on the charts, 14 weeks at #1). It was reissued on CD.

Thanks for this - very sample-able announcer!


Released on Command records, back in the day. One of those albums that clogs thrift stores from coast to coast. Perhaps I'll grab a Salvation Army copy, as that's a nice version of "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps."

Thanks for the update, Mr. Fab.


Fun, fun. Thank ya much.



My folks bought one of them-thar Motorola consoles (big as an aircraft carrier) circa 1959-60 and we ended up with a similar 10-inch demo record featuring Jonathan Winters (!) in his many guises (Maudie Frickert, Big Biz, etc.) talking about stereo reproduction... I wore the damn thing out.

Is anyone able to post that version?


From Texas, Land of the Rednecks


I saw a copy of this thing at a Dallas Half Price Books but passed on it. Woe is me. :/


Jonathan Winters? Wow. I will certainly keep my eye out for that one.

Some of the early stereo demos are exceedingly rare, especially the pack-ins, which either got worn out or thrown out. Thanks for letting me know about this one. Sounds like a gem.

Motorola 3

These "pack-in" records are cool.They don't turn up at the thrift stores like they used to.Usually what you see are the Columbia/Admiral records.I have a cool 10" one from Voice of Music,for their first mono Hi-Fi set,with all Capitol recordings half classical/half other.

If you do any eBay shopping for old turntables,and tube amps,you'll see people pull these out of these monsters,and sell them by themselves.

Who did this very Martin Denny-esque "I'm In The Mood For Love" here?

mark Flynn

I was searching for a date and possibly artist listing for this record which I recently dusted off. I opened my radio show on with it. Mr Fab, thanks for the tip regarding I'm In The Mood For Love. Turns out I own Persuasive Percussion. Now I can assume this disc came out in 1959. My show is called the Omnivores Experiment.

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