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February 20, 2009


Hellbound Alleee

Remember that "How's Your News?" originally was executive-produced by Matt and Trey!


In the Michael Azzerad Nivana bio, Kurt Cobain mentions his idea for starting starting a record label called "Exploitation Records", which would feature nothing but limited pressings of recordings by the mentally ill and disabled. His joke was that the "Exploitation" of the title wasn't of the subject of the recording... it was the person shelling out their good money for such an awful item.

This reminds me of that.


Ahh! He's wiping the lettuce all over the raw chicken board!



I disagree that this show has lost the appeal of the earlier films. It's definitely made efforts to fit in on mainstream television, but come on, this show is so much more out there than anything else on mtv, or anywhere else for that matter. Probably ten times the number of people have seen and heard of How's Your News? now because of this mtv series, and, as the brother of a man with down syndrome, I say that is a very very good thing. The show has continues to make me laugh and surprise me, and if young impressionable teens are really tuning into this I call it a small miracle.


Oh shit! I remember Kiss My Show...damn, talk about a flashback.

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