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February 17, 2009


Cathy Viviano

One of my friends said that she remembered this "phonics" thing when she was a student at Greensboro Elem School in Greensboro, MD. That's Caroline County, MD.

Mama Luigi.

I wish that this "generation" of younger students could be exposed to this Phonic crap.

gracias sra Davis.


Hey - don't dis Mrs. Davis. I home-schooled each of my four children and we treated her like our antique, grandmotherly friend. I found the ad for Bremmer-Davis' Sound Way to Easy Reading in, I think, a Good Housekeeping magazine in the early 80's, and used it faithfully with each of my children. I guarantee you it worked and worked well. The oldest is a Ph.D. professor of philosophy at a west coast university, the second an electrical engineer in the biofuels industry, the third a chemical engineer turned rock climbing enthusiast, and the fourth a professional ballet dancer with a major ballet company (and a junior in college).

Cathy Viviano

I wasn't "dissing" Mrs. Davis. Hee hee

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