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February 18, 2009



God, I work at a movie theater and have to hear "Jai Ho" several times a week. Any particular rhyme or reason to why it's partially in Spanish? Does that just make it more "world music"-y?


The weirdest thing about it is that it will probably win the Oscar...


He bowed out of performing at the awards, as they academy wanted to chop the song down to 60 seconds.


I would like to have seen "Barking at the Moon," by Jenny Lewis, from "Bolt", nominated -- good song in the context of the movie, and yes, it's the same Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley.


Peter Nolan? You mean Christopher Nolan?


It sounds like nearly any song from nearly any Bollywood movie recorded this decade. I don't find it that bad, actually...but I agree that it isn't anything that special, either. Certainly not "Oscar-worthy".


i can't stand the slumdog millionaire soundtrack. and this is as someone who's big an admirer of a.r. rahman's work in the past (nayak, khadalan, gentleman..?) all his latest has been such worldbeat trash and this soundtrack is the worst example of that. and the inclusion of m.i.a. is ridiculous to me as well. ai, so much about this movie bothers me!


I would have done away with the autotune on the vocals and lowered their volume.

Bill W

I will choose to consider Rahman's Oscar(s) as career achievwment awards, the way I'll pretend Heath Ledger is gonna win for "I'm Not There."


Bill W, that may be the best case I've heard yet for this.


I also work in a movie theater that has been showing slumdog for over two months and for weeks I thought it was TALLY HO! I also get really embarrassed when I see all of our middle-aged white western Mass. patrons trying to dance to this song. It is the weirdest sensation like when I was a kid and there was a reference to sex on TV and my parents were in the room.


Dear Indians/ Americans,
It is great insult for Indians. How dare the Americans can name the movie as Slumdog Millionaire for the movie based on Indian story? The word "Slumdog" really hurts. Somebody have an explanation, as the word "Dog" is not insulting. If you think it is fine to call the former United States President as "Bald-dog President" and the current one as "Black-dog President". Please be considerate about others too. You can ask me, “ Are you considering others?”. I will consider the people or a team who consider others. Call back the movie…!


I believe you can thank Danny Boyle and the British for the title of the movie, as it's not an American film.

And I believe we called Bush far worse names during his eight years in office.

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