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February 10, 2009


thrift art

well- i know this is a little aside your point, however:

i just moved to the east coast (from the west coast) and let me tell you, i can read an analog clock just fine, but you guys out here say "quarter of" instead of "quarter til"- this is VERY confusing for people who aren't from these parts. when i read this dialog i just thought the kid didn't see a clock and didn't know what the hell "quarter of" meant.

don't you think that's a possibility?
i think it's a bit much to assume the kid was stupid.


Doctah Science

I'm from the west coast, and I understand perfectly that "quarter til" and "quarter of" are the same thing. I think it's perfectly fair to assume the kid was stupid. :)


Don't forget the ever popular "Half past." Fortunately there was never a "Half of."

some youth

if someone told me that the time was a "quarter of five" i would presume it was 1:25 because, as a 'kid' my mathematical skills are highly proficient.




And in the UK they say "Half Nine" - that STUPID kid would be fucked!

cal zone!

I work in a middle school library, and I can vouch for the fact that many kids can't tell/read analog time devices these days. I have heard more than one student refer to the typical school wall clock as the 'round clock', as in the statement "I can't tell time from a round clock". It's quite frightening, actually.


I wonder... How many of the snot-nosed kids, when civilization collapses, be able to use a sundial? Much less build one...

(I can. Build and use one...)


If it wasn't 70 minutes long and cost $16.99 then the hell with it. As I think about it further, the whole "this culture has gone ADHD and can't focus for more than a few minutes" argument falls flat on its face when you stop to consider the lowly 45 that, by nature of the medium, had a short, fixed time.

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