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February 28, 2009



Great post. It reminds me of other great, great, radio programs that were on that station over the years.

Michael Munro

What was the loop?


In answer to "What was the loop" (which would be a good vocal sample line by itself), the thing came to be called 'crickety crick' and was 'retired' upon it's release as one of the first sound FX in the long-running Sound FX Library series, Volume One, track 13. By that time it had maddened many an audience.

Michael Munro

According to, it's from a track called "Ashley's Roachclip" by Soul Searchers. Apparently, it's been sampled by everybody—I think I was thinking of "Come Undone". Anyway, I wouldn't have found it without the Milli Vanilli reference, so thanks for that!


Huh-? Now I AM confused! Apparently we are talking about a totally different 'loop', as I sure haven't sampled the Soul Searchers or Milli V. Interesting crossed-circuit, here. Maybe the little girls on the show were doing an a capella rendition of a wicked break in 1982 on the radio. And then they grew up to be the Yeastie Girls or something. Now I begin to see it. Michael you're freaking me out.


Great post.

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