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February 07, 2009



Thank you so much for that!
I will no doubt use much of it for a planned Cramps tribute show I'm doing in the near future.
Stay sick!


Thanks for the great music.
Volume 4 seems to be corrupt please fix...thanks


Thanks so much for the ZIPs! I've been digging your first 8 for a couple of years, recently acquired 9 but being on a Mac, I've had trouble getting 10 and 11 off Soulseek.
You are doing the Lord's work, Mr. Ape!
Lux ruled! Ivy rules!
They will ALWAYS be the Big Beat From Badsville!


wow, i added almost everything to my main rotation. yes- please fix volume 4- i'd love to hear it-


Volume 4 is fixed.


A treasure trove is what this is. Thanks much!


Thank you.


Thanks for posting Rex's show here, so I'm not forced to use realplayer...


Thank you!!!!! This is great stuff. Lux Lives!


Thank you! This is amazing.


i've been a fan of the cramps for a long time. the incredibly strange music books are invaluable. wish there was more than 2 volumes.

anyway, most of these songs will probably be new to me (and the interview!), so THANKS much!


You can listen to the legendary "Purple Knif Show" online here:

Thanks for the collection---amazing!


Purple Knif show downloadable here:

Rick Garcia

10 years ago, I went to the Hootenanny show in Irvine, with my new wife, who's taste runs to 90's soul music (think Whitney Housten) and who wants me to take her to see Cher. The headliners that year was my dream show, X (with Billy Zoom), the Rev. Horton Heat, Social Distortion and the Cramps, (along with the Blasters and Robert Gordon on side stages), and it was rockabilly heaven for me. I learned many interesting things that day, among them my new bride was not a rockabilly fan, we were the only ones without tattoos, and Lux Interior was not a true brunette. It was odd to see the Cramps in the Irvine Sunshine, but they still made me feel like I was the 15 year old teenager listening to "Human Fly" in his bedroom while everyone else was listening to Led Zeppelin, or the 18 year old laying naked in his girlfriend's bed listening to "Garbageman" on a 60's era portable stereo-better then on some 80's era fancy sound machine-and wondering when her parents would knock on the door. Long Live Lux and Poisen Ivy!

Gang of two

Thanx for this stuff!!!
It´s great!!!!

St.Even Denver

Kogar!! Thank you so very much! I always knew stuff like this existed but never had the ability to dig for it! Amazing. These will go down in history with the great compilations of the universe!!!


There might have been more Incredibly Strange Music books. I'll bet Vale wanted to publish more! He also wanted to launch his own record label.
Wicked post.


This is an amazing collection of songs. Many I've heard, some I've only heard of. Excellent!


Thanks in advance for these. I know they will be great.

Whats the best program to open the files.
I'm seriously computer (UN)savy.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Chesson -

Check this site, hopefully this will help with the Zip files. If you need more help post another comment and we will try to help out.

Uncle Ash

... this is better than a Happy Hour at a VFW!!

- Thanks Kogar
(time well spent!)

Ash >


Holy cow! Thanks SO MUCH!!!!


dude these comps rule so hard


Thanks so much for these comps - realise how time consuming they are to do! First saw the Cramps back in 1980 at the tender age of 15 and I've never been the same since - irreplaceable.

EC Brown

I had planned to burn 50 copies of Purple Knif for an informal artshow I'm organizing later this month in Chicago, and give them to guests as a tribute to Lux. Looks like I'm going to have to make this a data disk to hold everything you've so generously provided! Of course, I will give credit where credit is due.

Thank you for soldiering on with the Great Mission!

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