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February 07, 2009


Andreas Stavros

Sir, you are a true legend! Many, many thanks for all your mighty efforts in sharing all this incredible music.


Thank you so very much for all of your hard work and for sharing so that I may also reap the harvest of this music I otherwise may never had had access to. Awesome! Stay sick!


hoping to share these with future generations, archivists and hysterians are we.


Increible selección!!!!!... No se como suene toda esta musica en un país tropical pero se que detrás de todos esto esta parte de la historia del Rock y de The Cramps. Saludos


Thank you for keeping the spirit of this music alive and well!

Marcos Creation

Valeu a todos aos idealizadores & produtores da: WFMUS BEWARE OF THE BLOG.
Pela oportunidade em nos deixar baixar esses arquivos maravilhosos que fazem parte da fabulosa Historia da grande era do ROCK & ROLL !
Thank You Lux & Ivy's...



Boo Frog

STILL one of the greatest musical labors of love on the web. Thanks for keeping it alive, WFMU.

Rodney Guitarsplat

Thank You For All Your Hard Work. A Labor of Love Indeed.
Lux and Ivy - A Favorite True Love Story.

Gavin a go go

Thank you so much for these compilations.

Can any one help me find volume 14?

andrew west

Is there a working link for songs the cramps taught us? Btw love this collection!


I have one labelled volume 15, so I think more are out there.

Amber Jolliffe

omg! awesome! thank you so much!

Amber Jolliffe

omg, awesome! thank you so much!


Unbelievable. Hidden treasures ... and no end.
I thought I knew almost everything about good, passionate music - and then came you.



Prettyboy Saverece

Kogar's contribution to the history of Rock & Roll is award worthy...Lux must surely look down with pride on this monumental labor of love.

The Luntz

Bless you good sir.

Miss E.

This is amazing! Thank you so much!

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