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February 07, 2009


Biff Meddlins

So brilliant. Thank you so much!


Thanks for these! Lux and Ivy really helped shape my musical tastes back in my college days, and then when I entered my late thirties and re-discovered vinyl via the thrift shops, I found thru the Incredibly strange books that my idols shared my new hobby. Now in my mid-40s, I still like to troll the thrift shops, but the 'net really has been a godsend for my pursuit of the weird and obscure. Thanks for making me one happy Evil Scientist.


You, Sir, are doing a great service to mankind and what greater tribute to Lux than the sharing of his musical acumen. I cannot thank you enough.


Thanks! This is great!


These are awesome comps! Thanks!!!


Thank you so much for what is a truly fantastic gift.

I've only just listened to Vol 1 and wow there are some real gems!

Love the Cramps only saw them play 4 times but did go two nights in a row when the played the Hammersmith Palais in London many years ago... two fantastic shows and someone even sprayed the crowd with CS gas... Lux was absolutely mental on those nights :-)

Stay Sick!


Jennifer Steffey

Thanks for all those great songs. Here's my dedication to the late, great Lux Interior:


You had asked about the existence of similar compilations such as this. One of my Soulseek folders under Frank Zappa is titled "Conceptual Continuity". It is not the bootleg of the same name, but an ever-widening kind of a hole where I dump the original versions (when possible) of every song that was covered, musically quoted or mentioned by Zappa in his work. Who knows if it will ever be finished. "The Untouchables" is a bit of a kibosh with around 20 references alone! (I also hear that there is another compilation around called "Frank's Gotcha Covered".)

Rory Murray

As a Cramps (and Dr. Demento)fan these songs satisfy the beast in me. They make me throb & ooze, like a rocking zombie. Ha Ha

Kevin Fanatic

What a selfless act you have done sharing this with all of us. Truly, you are doing the Lord's work. Thank you!





Rabid Garfunkel

Holy crap! Thank YOU!

BC Sterrett

Oh man, years ago I made these compilations too! I found every song talked about in the Cramps chapter (except for one). I had the help of Sueanne Zollinger of "The Scissor Girls", each of us trading and doing the research. We filled about 6-7 cds with this stuff. Perhaps you ran across some of our collections on file sharing as well. This is so impressive! I'm so glad this is online.


Seed this torrent, including volume 12:



this is really amazing. I am so glad you have found all this stuff! And so glad you've shared it with the rest of us. I've told a few friends about it and they really appreciated it too.

Thank you thank you thank you

Tom Smith

Oh yeah... Many thanks!

Mr. Boulevard

These are amazing!!! For anyone who is as obsessive about details as I am, track 28 on Vol. 3 is "Stalkin'" by Duane Eddy. It can be purchased on iTunes for $.99.

allan cunningham

elvis fucking christ i,am in heaven man these are ace thank you so much


I just discovered the beautiferous magnanity that is this post. Thank you so, so much.

But dear Lord, why Lux? Why not Cheney?

Darren king

i can't download number 6 can you help please .a brilliant set of songs thank you


thanks for this amazing work!
greetings from spain!


Woah -- this is beyond incredible! I love you so much for compiling all of this!

Lear S. Blitzstein

SWEET HOLY GONESVILLE!!!!!! Nearly twenty years ago it all started with Las Vegas Grind. Since then (as Lux and Ivy say in the great interview) I've never stopped looking for the next crazy song, comp, or instro. I don't know if it's on here--some Grind tracks are--but the first Frolic Diner CD by Dionysus was so incredibly sublime. Poinciana by the Nite Caps being my all time favorite. Cafe Bohemia is a very close second. I think it's the females singing Ahhhhs in those two songs that knocks me out. I can't get enough of these goddamn tunes!!!!! I'm only up to listening to volume 7 and it's blowing my frickin' mind!!! Thank you, Kogar, you crazy ape.

Sylvain Vicio

Thank you!!!!
You' re the Best

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