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February 07, 2009


Henry Fool

This is absolutely brilliant. I am listening to this whole collection now and can't believe how much awesome music there is on it. Many thanks for the hard work involved, it was worth all the effort.

Dare I say...More?!

Victoria Korosi

words can hardly begin to express my gratitude for the effort behind these collections. thanks to all involved, the ape and WFMU especially. to the ferocious Cramps, love & respect forever from an Akron, OH cornfed dame.

mafia toNe

many many thanks.


Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou

Felix Bergman



As none of these great comps have cover art, I spent a few unemployed hours making "covers" for them. They're all in a zip file on Mediafire HERE.

I Google Image searched some shots of Lux and Ivy. I also downloaded some appropriately "Cramps-y" fonts beforehand. Then a bit of Photoshop and voila!

I ain't no graphic artist, but I think they're nice. (Vol. 1's I found pre-made, so I didn't do that).
My favorite is Vol. 8's. I think it looks Lynch-ian.

Hope you like!

Eric S.

Thanks. I have slowly been listening to each of these. I have gotten through the first six and am listening to volume seven now. This is truly amazing. It further opens up the world that inspired the Cramps. I appreciate the hard work that went into this.


You rock. I accept this lavor of love with much gratitude!


Fantastic Job!!! Thanks!!!

Mark B Vincent

Straight from the fridge dad-you've helped me re-discover a trunk full of tunes from the attic of my former life and unearthed some delirious gems to add sparkle to my current incarnation...
Massive gratitude

I'm simply wasting more room on the page, basically again restating what everyone's said, but have to say, THANKS for these efforts... incredible stuff. My wife just measured me for a new strait jacket after listening to a few with me. Of course, a few decades of good music & food and the old strait jacket was getting a little too snug anyway, so I was due. OK, can I have my peanuts now?

Marla L.P.

You are super amazing, I admire all of the hard work that you guys put into this! I haven't listened yet, but I'm looking forward to many wonderful hours of music listening.

Lightning's Girl

This is the most incredible collection of music - THANK YOU!



Double Jay Jimmy Jazz

I downloaded these compilations some months ago now, and - I must say - I've seen the light...
Stuff like this is worth more than gold.

Thank you.


hi homie, this a very interesting compilatio series, I fickin love the cramps and this comps is like the bible!!!!thank you!

Chester Rocket

Just amazing can only add to the thanks from the UK. A lovely tribute to the late great Lux.


Hey you have no idea how much this means to me and I really appreciate all the hard work and effort u put into these.
I'm a 16 year old girl that's pretty much stuck in suberbia with out people who understand the true art of music.
I'm going to listen to these forever and research my heart away!


Damn man!! Amazing, thank you.


This is the greatest collection of music. Thank you!

alejandra m

O M G! you've saved me, downloaded the 13th vol. and it's just what I was looking for... what a hero


"13th" volume? I've only found the first 11 ... where can I catch up?
Yrs trly,


Hi ... Patrick B. from CRAMPS tribute friendly sent me yr blog in 2010... Geeeez... it's what i 'm lookin 'for 30 years (I.e.Tracks into wyld music zone) . I bought my premier 'the way i walk' cover thru Vengeance 7' by the Cramps in the late 7't's ...GOSH ...then i dug alls Crypt / A.I.P./ etc... series , volumes thru our Radio Station in Le Havre/ FRANCE . ( see "Fun 'beat ''zine in the 8 't's / now... it's called :
"Garage Band Revisited" 'zine/(unhappyly alls sold out !!!).
Today , i dig alls this good stuffs thru Radio 103.1 mhz FM based in Frog Land for years !.If any , Lux & Ivy or same music 'spirit still exist ... dont hesitate to dig our Mail ... we answer for sure as we can , sincerely.
A real good job these Lus & Ivy 's Favorites volumes ... Mr Kogars.

Account Deleted




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