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February 04, 2009


Elvis Presley



Damn, what a loss! The Cramps were one of my gateway drugs into the sweet world of deranged music, and I'll always love them for that!


Wow. I seem to remember a wonderful, extensive interview on Rex's show with Lux and Ivy with lots of cool records spun. They were the sweetest, most humble music-loving couple you could imagine. And they loved all kinds of music---stuff miles away from what they did with the cramps. I remember them talking about their love for Doo Wop and how records like "I Only Have Eyes For You" by the Flamingos was like opening a door to a different dimensions. I really hope Rex runs that show again and/or the station makes the show easily available to listen to. They were just the coolest people you would ever want to hang out with.

Rufus J Squirrel

Another legend makes the leap. Teach your children.


Now that's some fuckin' bad news. I'm shocked, I was expecting him to be around for a while yet. I still listen to "Garbageman". The last band I was in covered "Human Fly". Here I was walking around with the expectation of seeing them sometime in the next few years...DUH-huh! Fuck.


I always thought his take on "I Can't Hardly Stand It" was outrageously great.

John McCabe

I’ve been a fan ever since The Cramps did there Live at Napa State Mental Hospital


I'll always keep in mind those incredible shows i was lucky to see on their numerous french tours.I saw the Cramps in Lyon for one of my first shows in 1980, awesome souvenir.Lux handed me a pickle off his sausage sandwich,i kept it in my leather pocket for 2 weeeks !Hope he'll get to jam up there w/ Bryan Gregory...
RIP Lux !

Rob Steffens

here's link to Rex's special programs page. Show with Lux and Ivy is 4th entry from bottom.

Krys O.

That interview on Rex's show was truly memorable. Couldn't stop listening to it as I made dinner that Saturday. Lots o' laughs.

And Rufus, what shall we teach the children?


It's kinda funny; I had just last week run across that wonderful Rex show and listened to it again, which prompted me to go re-read the Lux and Ivy portion of ReSearch's Incredibly Strange Music book, which prompted me to dust off some Cramps LPs and play them.
And I too was just saying that I would go out of my way to see them again...
Now this...
Been driving around last night and this morning playing Cramps really loud. For some reason, Lonesome Town had real tears running down my face while driving to work. What a baby.

I hope Ivy keeps doing music. She's something else.

I'm a devote atheist, but my thoughts are with her.

Rufus J Squirrel

Krys O.: About every badass that came before them.


Im hitting Manitobas tonight for a big ass drink in his honor. RIP Lux. You were a fuckin legend.


now I really need some new kind of kick :(

Thunderbolt Pagoda

There is no way you can overstate the role Lux and the Cramps have played in keeping bonafide, rock 'n' roll trash culture alive. Had it not been for their invocations of old garage rock and rockabilly - back in the seventies when nobody knew much, or even cared, about either genre - a lot of fantastic music would have never reached so many receptive young ears. Every time I listen to The Phantom or the Fifth Bardo, I should thank the Cramps for keeping the torch burning.

Krys O.

Thanks, Rufus. I thought you were going to get sanctimonious about perceived lifestyles.

Loved the Cramps since high school and that is a looooong time ago. I've been listening to all morning. Was reminded of cassettes that I made off of WNYU that I took with me to Paris in '81. Lots o' Cramps and that most assuredly kept me from jumping into the Seine.


Direct link to "platter chatter" with Rex hosting Ivy and Lux. This is empassioned record collector talk at its finest and most endearing:

Thanks Rob for the clue to where to find this gem.

Jennifer Steffey



Here's the direct link to "Platter Chatter" with Rex, Ivy, and Lux:

This is gonzo record-collector talk at its most endearing. Thanks Rob for the clue to where to find this.

Rory Murray

I never saw The Cramps live, but I've been a fan for over 30 years. My faves are She Said, Bend Over, I'll Drive, Can Your Pussy Do The Dog and their excellent cover of Dolores Fuller's "Do The Clam".
Lux was truly an original. I hope that Ivy knows how much the beatiful music they made together means to me and fans around the world.
The good die hard.

william rodgers

lousy news.
another genius leaves us.



Ray Brazen

Jesus. First Ron Asheton and now Lux. We can't afford to lose any more of our punk rock heroes.

Ivy -- stay strong! You had a love like no other. Better than than none at all.


Lux did the state of Ohio proud. Have a purple knif with Ghoulardi, Lux. RIP


ahh man. This sucks. I guess I always pictured Lux and Ivy getting older and weirder together, collecting antigue fetish magazines, Japanese plastic monster toys and spiked heels... They are the cool people I still want to be when I grow up.

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