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February 15, 2009



one word: intense!

motordog I just don't have words for this. Thanks for posting!


that voice! that voice!


This is the first time I've ever seen you get scooped. Somebody posted this to my Facebook a few days ago. Nevertheless, what a find!


Zounds! Is there another beauty, (bar contest wench), in all the land that has inspired so fine a tribute of high art in her, hopelessly smitten ageing lab clerk? Nice paramecium dance moves, fella.

Dan Willems

Agreed, words cannot describe. Check out the UZ Top 10
I wonder what's in the Pensacola drinking water.


what, i think i do have words now.
the intro guy (and producer?) totally reeks of failed industry sleazeball manager/dj/producer/rapist. maybe i'm assuming too much. i totally get the vibe he takes quite a bit of money from gullible, honest, naive talent folks like the singer there, promises them a music career and music videos (probably using the same footage of this girl he obviously promised a career in modeling, if she's not related as well), and then to show the saps that he is actually doing something with their work he's putting it on youtube and pressing a few cheap cd's.
then, by sheer stupid luck they become viral hits because of the pure silliness of the whole thing.

again i could be totally assigning personality and motive based on how that cheesy dye-black dude presents himself before a video that isn't even his.


This has been making the rounds on the intrawebs for a few months now. It's hard for me to tell if Mr. Gormley is in on the joke or not, if the video-producers told him "we'll make you an internet start, but it might be a little embarrassing."

I love that "stance" he has-- leaning to one side, thEn switching to the other, occasionally walking in place-- he should trademark that. "Dude, check it out. . . John Mayer is totally doin a 'Gormley' on stage right now!"

Jonathan Steinke

May Mark Gormley live a thousand years.

unidentified body

I was cool enough to hear about this before you hip men posted it.

Scott M.

@zom-bot I just wanted to jump in because I've personally spoken with the producer/host, Phil Thomas Katt for a phone interview and he's actually a super-nice guy. He's a local celebrity in Pensacola and does quite a bit for the Pensacola music scene through his public access show, which has been running for more than 10 years.

Put it this way: If you were in a local band in Pensacola AND wanted a inexpensively produced music video AND wanted that video to actually air on television, Phil Thomas Katt is your messiah.


Mark Gormley - POWER STANCE.

this is deep music and not a joke. this music can lift you up. my cat was sick the other day, and i was about to take
her to the vet, and than i was just listening to some Mark Gormley and all of a sudden she was purring and no longer sick at all.

Jon Cromer

This music always cheers me up when Manny Ramirez lets me down.


It's OK, but it's no "Ken Lee."


if he did this songs in 70s when he wrote them he would be a milionare ( I spelled it wrong)

great songs

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