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February 18, 2009



Doug, so far i'm not havin' a whole lot of luck finding the links to these treasures you've discovered. i'm eager to check out the Swaggering Brazilian Funkateer, yet alas, there seems to be no link. little help?

Doug Schulkind

The link for Toni Tornado is in the comments section. (Look for hyperlink under comment by Black Moses.)

A lot of these blogs tuck the download link in the comments section. If you can't find the link in the body of the post, go look in the comments. Otherwise, poke around on the text until you find a link to Rapidshare, Megaupload, Sharebee, DivShare, or some other upload hosting site. As always, don't hesistate to ask if you can find the link.

Doug Schulkind

A brief note about Mining the Audio Motherlode: The main focus here will be on posts of rare and out-of-print recordings, but the blogs themselves are responsible for the content they are providing.

A few helpful words about the downloads:
Follow the links provided to blog pages offering the downloads. Look for the download link on the page. (Occasionally, the link is listed in the Comments section. Also, if the original download link is no longer active, check further down in the string of comments; a new download link may be posted there.)

Some downloads deposit a folder on your desktop; others leave an rar. file, which needs to be opened using special software. This software is FREE and available online. (If you use a Mac, I highly recommend UnRarx.)

Some blogs provide passwords, which then must be entered when opening the rar. file. The password is typically listed right next to the original download link.

Be sure to search the archived pages at each individual blogs to find more musical gems. Also, check the blog rolls at each blog for leads to other great blogs.

Searching for a specific artist or album? Use Google's BlogSearch or try Captain Crawl.


We mine in the same neighborhoods, but you are finding some gems I miss...great stuff. A recent find: lots of gems.


The 1929 Time Capsule discs are amazing. I can't get enough pre-War recordings in my life.


You sure know how to keep my ears full. This pre-digging does help me, I have my hands full just processing the download piles that I do uncover.
Toni Tornado--- quite lovely, and with that cover it sort of cries out to be played. The Flowers of Evil record I'd seen around and was glad to finally hear a bit. I'm looking forward to the 1929 stuff- I also can't get enough song-mining for my songbook from the early 20th century. 'Preciate it.


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