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February 26, 2009



Thanks for putting this up.

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The soundtrack of my prime! What a gift, to have such material for nostalgia.


Hey there Sir Jubbo!

Philip from Lozenge here. Thanks for this! I remember some of these songs from the east-coast tour we took with Rar-Rar in fall 2001 (Camilla's last hurrah with the group). It's great to finally be able to listen to them again! They don't make 'em like this anymore--truly a band cut short in its ludicrous prime.


Camilla reminds me of Javier Bardem's character in No Country for Old Men. Equal parts insane and more insane, frequently with demented and undeniably self-serving intentions. I do love My Name is Rar-Rar, but there have been many times when Camilla has exhibited a complete disregard for others' personal space and safety, throwing infantile tantrums, hurtling rocks glasses across dimly lit bars, etc. Courtney Love would be proud.

Not that I always mind such theatrics, but when your friend is hit with a chair, and then physically assaulted by a prima donna with a notoriously bad attitude, simply for wearing a piece of clothing that the great Camilla Ha disapproves of, you tend to see things a little differently. Thanks for posting, though... I'm glad to hear this stuff again.


There's more here, folks:

I think I may have more around, too, and will add it there as I dig it up.


p.s. Jim, I have to stand up for Camilla. I think you caricature her. She was certainly responsible for some folks having a very different experience at our shows than they expected. (I consider that a good thing.) I don't recall her throwing glasses, hitting people with things, physically assaulting anyone.


Fuck YES. Thanks for the memories!


Wow - I thought I'd never hear Rar Rar again. I have fond memories of seeing them play in Chicago, especially the first time. It was a show with Deerhoof (Reveille era). I'm not sure if most people knew what to make of them, but they had great costumes! Then later I saw bassist Hischke playing with Hella on their Church Gone Wild tour.


Rar Rar it's something. I knew how to play the guitar, I probably would have come up with myself too classy image.

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