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February 25, 2009



as much as i feel kind of attracted, in a gruesome way, to the cross-cultural wtf-ery of Ray "Wong" Riley, I couldn't make it all the way through. 50 kinds of disgusting!


RSTVMO was very close direct upfront to the Singletonian experience from a young age, both personally (thru his father Bob's long acquaintance) and professionally (the famed SSS studio nearby Clement's over on Belmont Avenue). The list goes on. Like the beat...

joe 12-pk

Love the Little Jimmy Dempsey! I could listen to a whole album of that. Of course, I had to try the Ray "Wong" Wiley first, but alas, could not make it to the end. Embarrassing. Wincing along to half of the track was enough to notice that Riley makes no distinction between the Chinese ("chow mein", etc.) and the Japanese ("sake", etc.)....but what the hell, it's all "Oriental", right? You go, Racist Ray!

Listener Greg G.

Joe - I know, it's pretty bad. I think maybe Clint Eastwood has a point, though, when he says people have lost their sense of humor and gotten carried away.


This is great news! I'm gonna have to preorder this one. I'm a fan of the Omni label - in particular "The Open Mind of John D. Loudermilk" & Norma Jean's "I Guess That Comes From being Poor" and the Porter Wagoner "Rubber Room" release you mentioned above. Speaking of Shelby Singleton, I recently picked up an incredible compilation on KENT SOUL called, "Southern Soul Showcase: Crying In The Streets" which features a bunch of amazing soul tunes from Shelby's off-shoot labels like SSS, Silver Fox, Murco, and Minaret. Most of the songs were recorded down in Muscle Shoals and Memphis and they are all property of Shelby Singleton. Highly recommended! To see another compilation with a bunch of country tunes is quite exciting. Can't wait to hear it and thanks for the heads up!


This is so very awesome. I'd also like to say thanks for the head's up.

Rob Lett

Oh my gosh I just got the re-issue and wow-o-wow it's just crazy amazing. I love this thing so much.....

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