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February 11, 2009



Much thanks for these! I love me some song-poems...well, some of them, that is. I really look forward to the others in the series!


Excellent! What a great resource! Thanks for making them available again.


I hope you are going to post "Ripoff U.S.A", one of my favorites!


You're going to Heaven for this, Lee.

Dan Willems

Yes, indeed, we shall raise a glass of Bourbon in your name.

Jeff Gee

We don't deserve this. You are the best. And I miss "Fudgeland."

David Snusgrop

You're such a hero!

Bob Purse

Thanks SO much for doing this. I lost some of the early tracks in a computer melt-down, and by that time, those tracks had been taken down from ASPMA to make way for newer ones (including a bunch of my own!).

Thanks again - Bob


Thank you.

Rob Lett

This is so great, thanks thanks thanks.....

simple mike

I'll join the chorus of praise. I've manage to hold on to a few of these (My Glory Ladder, Funk With Us) but the rest were lost to time. Thank you!


I adore these Rodd Keith songs. Thanks to everyone who helped put this together.




Better throw a saddle over the stove, Mama, 'cause we're ridin' the range tonight!!


Rob Lett

How many volumes will there be?

Lee R.

Eight right now, with the possibility of more in the future...

Joe S.

Thanks for doing this. However, I just want to point out that re-encoding MP3s at a higher bitrate doesn't make them sound better. All the artifacts that were introduced the first time the files were encoded are still there, plus any new artifacts that occurred in the second encoding. Better to have just left the original files alone.

Lee R.

Hi Joe,

Yes, I realized that the files sound no better in the new encode. However, they are presented in 192 (instead of the original 128) simply because all of the mp3s were converted from 128 mp3 into .wav and then fixed (balanced, topped and tailed each one, and eliminated large pops).

Then they were burned onto CDs years ago, and now for this project I've re-encoded new mp3s from the CDs. I thought since there was more time spent on them, I wanted them to sound better than 128, so it didn't make sense to me to just encode them at the same 128 bitrate and introduce even more artifacts. I know there's artifacts with mp3s, no matter what - but I figured it wouldn't hurt to make them higher this time round.

Also, each mp3 had to be re-named and ID3 tagged, and if I'm going to do that much work, I might as well go a little further.

Plus this way, nobody can confuse these encodes with the originals if they discover them.

Joe S.

Ah, I see. Thanks for clearing that up!

Muzik indir

Thanks for doing this.Ah, I seem


Thanks for your series of song-poem postings, it's been a very enriching listening experience. I noticed a striking similarity between three songs in your first installment, and decided to pursue the matter further. Admittedly, the results are a little uneven; perhaps the usage of headphones will prove more rewarding.

Happy listening!


These are real gems!!! Do you know if there is any vinyl edition? I'll die to find this on wax... If you have any information, please contact me :
Actually, I'm really interested in one special song : "Gary Roberts - What I am you know"
So if you have any information about a vinyl edition of this song, please contact me :)

Sammy Reed

If you listen close enough, you'll notice that the soundtrack Halmark used in "It's Not the World...", "Pinch Me" and "The King" was originally used in a version of "By the Time I Get to Phoenix", I guess on an independent label.

Mike Plitt

I discovered song poems for the first time a few weeks ago so finding this sight is like finding buried treasured. Thanks a ton!

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