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February 21, 2009





How 'bout "There But For the Grace of God" by Machine? Great song, and my favorite Gories cover version. Mick Collins changed the lyric in a minor but interesting way. Well worth a listen.

Debbie D

I'm not really feeling that Machine song.


...I do have to say I really like the "Grace of God" interpratation. But, What about "Leavin' Here", and "Idol with a Golden Head"?

Jeff Gee

I can play the Mose Allison song, but the download link seems to be busted.

Debbie D

Thanks. Mose is fixed and "Leavin' Here" is added. Still not feeling Machine or Idol.


A great collection of tracks.
I'll use this space for shameless self-promotion.

Covers of T-Rex and Gun Club.
I like 'em, but then again I played on them.

Mick Collins

Sorry you're not feeling the Machine cover, Debbie; it was one of our favourite recordings, although we could never really get it together live.

@Acapulco: I didn't actually change the lyrics: the original was altered for radio play, and I sing the verse from the retail copy. :)

I never listen to my own stuff, but I seem to remember our version of 'Idol' was quite humourous in its inept little way... :)

Mick Collins

Oh, I almost forgot: at risk of sounding pedantic, 'Leaving Here" was originally recorded by Eddie Holland, for Motown. We (the Gories) never actually heard the Rationals version while we were together. :)

Debbie D

Thanks, Mick! Now when are those Gories/Oblivians dates???

Kyle Pohlman

Great cover of To Find Out. I love the Keggs.


Hey Mick... If you read back on this post... what's the chance of your doing a podcast radio show thing again? Night Train was brilliant... was sorry to see (rather hear) it go.


Mick, Thanks for clarifying. Looking forward to the reunion!

Mick Collins

Krebstar: I would go back to doing a radio show in a heartbeat. 'Night Train' was one of the favourite things I did in my life. I would love to have a radio show again. I would LOVE it. Knowing that someone is never going to be the same after I play The Moonglows or OOIOO or something is one of the great joys of my existence. If someone's got an open radio slot, I've got an NAB certification.....


Mick Collins saying he would LOVE to do a radio show again? Wow! If Little Steven was smart, he'd hire ya, Mick! That is, if WFMU didn't pick you up first...

Devlin Thompson

What about "Club House" by the Champs, which was retitled "Omologato"?

Danny Kroha

Ok, here's my two cents! The Gories, although very much inspired by The Elois and the comp that song appeared on (Ugly Things Vol. 1), never covered that song.
Like so many garage bands before us, we got our version of Train Kept a Rollin' from The Yardbirds. I bought a Fender Jaguar because there's one on the cover of "Having A Rave Up...".
We were familiar with both the Eddie Holland version of Leaving Here and The Birds version, but I think our version was more inspired by The Birds. At least on my part!
It's cool to see this list! We covered a lot more songs than these, Nautiloid Reef by The Nautiloids, Ya Ha Be Be by The Bel-Aires etc. etc.
There But For The Grace... is also one of my fave covers that we did. Good choice Mick.

Danny Kroha

Oh, one more thing. We got our version of "I Just Wanna Make Love To You" from The Rolling Stones version that's on their first LP.
We never covered it, but "She Moves Me" by Muddy was a real mind blower and inspiration to us.

Debbie D

Thanks for setting the record straight, Dan. Now how do we get Dtroit Gories tickets?

Debbie D

I still think Grace is Too Disco and I hate that one line...

Danny Kroha

Tickets will go on sale sometime this week. Show will be at the Majestic Theater in Detroit June 27th.

Danny Kroha

Oh, come on! That Machine track is bumpin'! There's a different version for radio that says, "where only upper class people stay".

John W

Hey Mick, Dan, I had no idea that was a disco cover! What are the chances of you playing There But for the Grace of God Go I live in Memphis? I'm coming 1000 miles to see you and it would be fantastic if you did...

Debbie D


Thanks for keeping our music alive!


Richard Fulton: Founder, Composer/Arranger and Lead Guitarist of The Nautiloids

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