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February 10, 2009



I've just recently moved to Austin, and this will be the first SXSW I'll be in town for. I am going to probably be too poor to buy the full-blown SXSW ticket, but I want to make sure I get in to see this. What's the likelihood of it filling up before non-SXSW ticket holders can get in?

Brian Turner

Bryan, I dont think it will be sold out, we have a pretty good sized venue and last year people came and went all evening without much problem. We hope you can get down!


yea. so we've applied for Sxsw, check us out tell us what you think bloggers


UPDATE: Belong had to cancel on SXSW, unfortunately.

Reverend Loveshade

Austin, Texas, is cool, but be careful about stepping outside the city. You might step in something.

Siriusly, I'll see if I can get my crew up there. You've got some seriously out-there bands there.

Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!


I sure wish i could go! stuck in cali!..grrr...make sure you all check out the side "fests" such as soxsowhat etc..and i think not not fun this year?? im not sure..but Austin have fun and all who venture to that wonderful lil island in TX!

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