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February 25, 2009



Who knew that Corn Weenie would touch so many people's lives. To be honest I'm not sure how Michael is going to feel about being an internet remix sensation, since he kinda hates all things computer-y. I'm going to show this to him and let him listen to your show. I hope he will be as amused as I'm sure I will be.

As to why he did it... well, I don't want to ruin the mystery!


Here be my entry.

Porn Weenie


What email address should we send the remix to?


Mine is in the bag. Or in the email. Or something.
This will be a mighty apocalypse. Say it.

Ghengis Jung

Ghengis Jung: Now You Can Sing the Song (Corn Weenie)

Jonathan Steinke

Norelpref, THAT was GREAT.


Just sent my remix thru the e-mail.

In case of any problems, go to


i've just found an mp3 version of the original song - downlodable here:


I don't usually go for internet memes, but .... please can someone talented do a corn weenie version of the Adolf Hitler clip from Downfall?! "Are you dancing?! Get back in your seat!"

Listener James from Westwood

Unless I've missed it, has anyone mixed "Corn Weenie" into Ken fave "Barra Barra"? I can hear how I'd do it in my head. . . . if only I had the gear. And skill. And talent.


Listener James, when I toyed with a nu-metal version of Corn Weenie, I was working with a loop of Barra Barra, but I went in another direction....

The Human

My mix has been returned by the spam filter! Should I send it someplace else


Hey ! I posted mine days ago !
Where is it ?


somethings wrong with the helium ointment mix, the link seems to be broken or something! help help!

Station Manager Ken

OK, Helium Ointment is now fixed.


Dude, that phone call is PRICELESS.


@ Rokhausen - genuinely lol!


Isn't the Corn Weenie song the same as the Subway "five dollar... five dollar foooooot loooong" song?
I think I smell a law suit?


These are fantastic!!! REally great job on all of them.. there is nothing like doing long driving runs at work Wensday mornings.. and being bewildered at Corn Weenies on my radio.. Oddly Ive begun to rely on Corn Weenies to get me through the morning.. Im going to miss them once the contest is officially over but i hope the remixs still get played.. Wensdays will never be the same, since Corn Weenies came into my life and left.

Is it better to have Corn Weenied and lost, than to have never Corn Weenied at all?


"Dollar" Bill(Canada)

Exerp of original Port Said track also appears on Realistic's Stereo Spectacular Demonstration & Sound Effects 50-7777

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