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February 17, 2009



Damn, that got me chuckling. So what's a fella to do if he's not a famous french canadian actor/furry? Well boys and girls, here's the skinny taught to yours truly by an actual moose hunter ( K's pere ). What you need are three things. 1) A coffee can. The bigger the can, the louder and lower the call. 2) A shoestring. You brough extra laces into the woods, right? Fucking greenhorn... and 3) some water. You take the empty can ( at 5am in the cold that can will empty pretty quick ) and punch a hole in the bottom. Knot the lace, and string it through the hole. Now wet the lace with the water. Holding the can BY THE BASE in your left hand, pinch the string at the base of the can with your index finger and thumb of your right hand. Now pull your fingers down the length of the string. The sound is incredible, and if there are any moose in the area they'll come running.

It's just not nice to kill wonderful mooses, so I recommend you use this device to amuse your friends and add interesting accent to your live performances. I'm a big fan of analog synthesis, as you may have guessed.

James Bamberger

That made my day, Heaven's to Betsy, the world just went up a few points... hot damn.
Oh moose, I won't kill you... but I might try to call you over.

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