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February 24, 2009



OK, from now on I'm "The British Columbia Provincial Police"

Great pic for the first album cover:

Account Deleted

That would be a great punk 7".


The guy looks like Billy Childish in one of his cheeky disguises.


My album is from "Żukowice, Lower Silesian Voivodeship" and it's called "Less From Wise Guys". The album cover can be found at



mine here.
and yes- for once a facebook game worth playing! i may have to make more.

Roy Rosenthal

CMJ award winners for best new band:


Oh man, apparently I'm some hippie jma band called "Balliopsis" and are lastest live album recorded at Burning Man is "Accepted as Being Self Evident"

Account Deleted

JMet - I can understand why you didn't follow through and make the album cover after getting dealt a shitty hand like that!

Daniel Koning

I might have to record a song from this album.

Bob Cobbings' Kitchen Prosthetics

History of Pomerania - Useless To Seek It Elsewhere... exciting new Anti-Con label band mixing dub-step, folk and Oulipo-inspired rap

Bob Cobbings' Kitchen Prosthetics


Theo <-- I would not listen to this crap, even if it was my own.


Band = Israel Fed Cup team

Title= Harass rich women than motorcycle gangs

Img =

Joshua K

This is either some really cool post-punk band or easy listening world music...

Brian C.

Mine is kind of conceptual. Could be an emo band.


Fun fun fun!


Brian C: The "Nice Price" sticker was inspired.

Account Deleted

That "Nice Price" sticker is a nice touch. Perhaps we should rename this the "Facebook Cut-Out Album Cover Game". That seems to be where most of these will end up.


Here's the blurb for my entry above.

Jan Balstad - This Isn't Even Wrong!

Nordic prankster Jan Balstad returns from a six-year prison sentence with his most irreverent collection of static-strewn ephemera yet. The foiled blimp-jacking scheme which landed him in a dank cell for the better part of a decade is outlined in these bite-sized songs, thirteen deranged parables of prepared piano, Inuit throat singing, and pornographic field recordings. "This Isn't Even Wrong!" proves that Norway's answer to Mark Hosler wasn't rehabilitated in the least.


Shrink Film - The Sweet Serenity of Books

The aural equivalent of curling up by the fire with some chamomile and Proust.


Facebook Group For These

Flickr Group


Fact Check - ...of the overcoming of it
another shot

Cicer - the alleged King of England

Greg from Detroit

private press record of glee club spring concert 1974. Mix of predictable covers and a few surprising originals, including the devastating title track.


Greg: Brilliant.


The bittersweet summer romance of Lisa Germano and Harmony Korine.

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