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February 24, 2009


Dan Willems

This is some "Git Down" party music. Thanks for the post.


'what're you tryin' to do? ...' was released on 7". i seem to remember the eerie folks being involved, but i could be wrong. thanks for letting me know its roots!

Ray Zinnbrazen

Thanks for posting this... and for once again remembering our Terry. Hard to believe this year marks the fifteenth anniversary of his passing.

And bravo, Bill, for starting up your own blog! It is gonna be killer. I plan to read it religiously.

Pol Dodu

Is there any chance (it does sound possible to me) that this Big Daddy could be the same one who, in the 50's, released at least two tracks as Big Daddy and his Boys, "Bad boy" and a version of "Bacon fat", which, I think, has been played in the past on WFMU ?

Listener #109577

The general tone and alliteration in the liner notes has the wafting, pungent stench of Stan Lee's prose style. He was active in the New York area at the time of the twist trend, and not yet a beneficiary of the eventual revival of the Marvel Comics fortunes. Therefore, he may have been moonlighting. I suggest you ask him, if you can find the opportunity.


Fantastic! Love especially Persian Twist! Thanks for posting


Big Daddy is Big Bob Kornegay aka the Happy Wanderer aka Big Bee Kornegay.Recorded for Sittin'in with,King,Herald,Stacy.
He was a member of the Du Droppers (doo wop group)
See for photo's:

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