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February 10, 2009



no dethklok?


Dethklok are more "Death" than "Black," strictly speaking. I do love that record.


Do anything for Deathklok.


Corrupted actually played in 97 on Pat Duncans show and I bugged him for the tape, it was nuts. I ran some of it on one of my show archives if you care to check real audio:

Sister Hairy Hymen

Fanfuckingtastik There are bands here I had no Idea even exsited, I am a fan of black metal but until now the genr'ew was getting tiresome, thanks. I got some new stuff to get and put on my metal show, BTW if you would like to a guest show contact me@ [email protected]

Sister Hairy Hymen

Well Ill try again, fantastik stuff. I am a fan of black metal but as of late the genre' was getting a bit tired that was until now. This stuff and the listings have given me a new hope for black metal, there is Talent Out there.
Thanks these listings have gavr me foder to keep the black part of my metal show going. If you are interested, I am sure there would be room for a New Black Metal DJ @ that really knows his stuff. You can reach me via station or e-mail mlyahwak @ nycap

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