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March 23, 2009


Bill W

What intrigues me is that Cindy Sherman's ex-husband, the video artists Michel Auder, just premiered "The Feature," a "fictional autobiography" partly dealing with THEIR relationship. She's like this year's Truman Capote. or somethin'.

Brooklyn Bridget

Yeah, she keeps hooking up with guys who obsessively tape everything.

dei xhrist

I look forward to seeing both films. As a female artist, I don't think that I struggle with the general theories of gender inequality listed in paragraph 3. I have to deal with personality traits inherited from both parents, with selfish and selfless self-centeredness being right up there.

From my opinion, the battle of who gets to be the focused artist hinges on personality, with gender not playing as big a role as it's cracked up to have. Do female artists suffer professionally because they are female? Or do female artists suffer from using a masculine definition of success?

It's been expounded upon elsewhere that feminine labor is impermanent; cleaning, cooking, caretaking, babies, orgasms, etc. One can argue that any artist working on happenings, situations, long term subtleties, and works that result in total absorption by the audience is doing feminist work.

Vic Perry

Tremendously interesting post and comments. You deserve an award for Best Use of A Shakespeare Quote To Actually Illuminate Something. Of the year - that's all of 2009.


Guy sounds like a hanger-on who got what he deserved when Miss Famous figured out he was a 'tard.

Dan Bodah

God bless you, Bronwyn C. I love your blog posts, but you really outdid yourself here.

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