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March 27, 2009



A few years ago, I worked at a Borders that hosted a book signing by John Ashcroft. A lot of people showed up to protest, but I wanted to go so that I could get a signed copy of "Truth, Volume One". Alas, my record didn't arrive in time. Or at all.

Rob Lett

This is hysterical, I knew about that "Eagle Soars.." song on YouTube but was not aware of this gem. May god bless your heathen soul for posting this.


Was there a "Truth, Volume Two"?


Are you sure that isn't a picture of Leonard Cohen?


or a wall-eyed ray romano?

Buck Calhoun

And a smidge of Jerry Lewis!

Rob Lett

Does anybody have a rip of the Singing Senators lp?

Brad Nelson

Such horrors as these would be unimaginable in any other universe.


* Oh yeah, and he's a hateful war monger who abhors civil liberties, champions an ever useless war on drugs, and approves of torture. Let's not forget that.

Pretty much the base resume of every AG of either Party.At least Ashcroft didn't wiretap MLK (Bobby Kennedy) or burn up little children (Reno).Hell he was much better on civil liberties than his replacement Gonzalez.He didn't lie as much in all the time he served as Holder has already.Much better than Ed Meese too!


Why would you even MENTION Ashcroft? This is the guy whose own local (home state) support was so feeble that he lost an election to a dead man. That shoud've been evidence of his ineptitude already. And who is this idiot named Bush? You mean that hack UK band from years ago? Or that quirky, talented, and lovely UK solo artist?

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