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March 31, 2009


Texas Prairie Chicken

Nevertheless, still a great film. Also, be sure to check out the other two Klein DVDs: Model Couple and Mr. Freedom. Great stuff.


Speaking of walking out on Godard, I walked out on Hail Mary at the Bleecker Street Cinema when I was about 20. I stand by this decision. Everything he did after Weekend is merdre!

Sean Murphy

Well put. Every frame of Polly Maggoo is visually arresting but I was never pulled into the story like I was by Mr. Freedom (which, although I love, also suffers from Klein's pacing problem - petering out about 3/4 of the way through). Haven't got to the Model Couple yet but I expect more of the same. At least they're easy on the eyes. I will say that the first seventy minutes of Klein's Ali documentary are absolutely breathtaking - I cannot recommend it highly enough. An essential look at not only the boxer but the state of black/white relations in America during the early 60's.

Mark Allen

Also love Grayson Hall as fashion editor Miss Maxwell in this kooky film...but Hall could sell me on any performance after her role as the screeching tour bus guide, Judith Fellowes, in "Night of the Iguana."


I have wanted to see this since I learned that the writer Violette Leduc had a bit part in it. At the time of this film she was an older woman. She had an enormous nose.


Yeah, there should be a big magnifying glass on the whole Grayson Hall saga...if Film Forum or whomever haven't done a retrospective.

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