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March 11, 2009



Penny's blog makes me wanna hurt somebody.


TKF read the papers and political rags, watched the news etc. He was always raving about what he called the "econocataclysm." Now, in the current climate, I can't stop thinking about all the things he said over 20 years ago!

Krys O.

The EconoCataclysm was posited in 1977 by The Church of the Subgenius.

Here are some Stangian thangs:




The Upsala library's collection of the London Economist Magazine extended back well before 1900, possibly to the very first issue. When the library was liquidated the bound volumes ended up at the antique shop next door to my then-current place of work. This was when I was reading the Economist weekly and I went over to ask the guy how much he wanted for them. Needless to say I could not afford it but in retrospect even if I could have it would have necessitated ditching all my furniture and building a sofa, coffee table and entertainment center out of a century and a half worth of hardbound volumes of the magazine.


A friend of my wife went out to a new Manhattan bar that looks like an old apothocary. Two margaritas and a seltzer later he was out fifty dollars. FIFTY DOLLARS! Could have done better with that cash.


Oh, and RE: Ms Penney, why did these RICHES put ALL of their money into Madoff's care? Any idiot knows to diversify, especially as you get older. Was there a touch of greed or hubris underlying their decision to do that?


I think it probably went something like this: "Everybody is panicky and irrational, except for you and that is why you are rich. I know why this is true, so give me a buttload of money and I will give you the proof."

People who don't actually produce anything are desperate to be told that they hold some kind of moral, aesthetic or intellectual authority which makes them relevant to civilization. If you can reassure them in their existential torpor, you too can be Bernie Madoff.

Wendy del Formaggio

I don't have anything clever or new to add. All I want to say is, I enjoy your posts Bronwyn, especially this one.

Ragnar Pucebeard

I thought that WFMU DJs got paybacks from the record companies on a regular basis. I recall someone, many years ago, Dave Mandl? maybe, explaining that he got $5 everytime he played so and so's song. Thusly, payola was in full force.

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