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March 14, 2009




old news travels slow.


In the town where I grew up there was a kid who, besides bullying me on the way to and from school, claimed to have administered LSD to his cat. The story went that this was during his parent's ill-advised 2 week long out of town vacation and numerous people claimed to have witnessed the pet's erratic behavior during this period. Fortunately the strychnine content didn't kill the animal. True or not, most people thought that such cruelty was just plain hilarious. The prevalence of people who make recommendations like "let's get the cat high," or "let's see if the dog likes beer," demonstrates that there is no shortage of enthusiasm for the expression of such genius.

Full disclosure, if my cat goes a week without making a mess near his sandbox I'll give him a teaspoon of absinthe, but only a teaspoon and only if he's good.


People who own pets are weird. All and every one of them. I've never met a pet owner who was 100% normal.

Why is that?


I knew a girl once who tried to shotgun her parakeet. The bird hit the floor of the cage immediately after it was hit by the smoke. Not a good idea.

Goyim in the AM

Kevin: your question answered itself the moment you posed it.

Fels Naptha

In defense of Acea Shomaker - did you check out the scratches on that kid's neck (see the linked page for a better photo)? Obviously, he needed to protect himself from a 1 pound ball of hyper-fur. And, catnip usually makes a kitten jumpier - before it crashes. However, I do condemn him for not waiting for Shadow to grow and begin making her own decisions.

Besides, it's Nebraska. I'm surprised roofies, meth, or barnyard animals weren't mentioned.


My cat (18-20 lbs., and not an overfed bag of catfood, mind you) draws blood at least twice a week. If I laugh while wearing a shortsleeved shirt he locks on my arm with teeth that have drawn compliments from the vet and his claws. He seems to think he's in on whatever the joke is. If I go to bed or get up off schedule he attacks with all 4 claws while chomping my ankle. My hypothesis is that he was given up by a family with children or other cats for this reason. However, if he's hungry he just stands by his food bowl looking sad.

A friend of mine had a cat nicknamed "monster" by her roomates. This cat was feral before it was adopted and was far more violent. Finally she consulted a veterinarian who suggested female hormones (it was a male). My cat likes people and must have grown up around humans, he just gets a little rambunctious that is why the cat is with me and not his previous folks. Forcing him to breathe smoke? c'mon.

animal loverrrrrr

ya'll are sick people you think posting about stories about this abuse is good.....your just giving more people ideas to do whats already wrong to do...!
common lets be alittle smart
wonder if yall are even smart?


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