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March 18, 2009


David Wahl

This is one of a series of terrible songs recorded for that world's fair. The company I work for, Archie McPhee, is selling some of the original postcard records that were used to promote the fair. There are sound samples on the product page.

Larry In Seattle

Unfortunately, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer itself is no longer with us. The last print issue came off the presses yesterday.

Johnny Whiplash

You have to admit rhyming Seattle with "that's where I'll be at. I'll.." is genius.


IMO the recording quality is actually pretty good for '62. Beats the Hell out of the Kingsmen's "Louie, Louie": "Hey, let's put the vocal mic on the ceiling so the singer has to stand on his toes just to be heard! And let's put the drums and guitar through the same mic!"


More world's fair goodness:

John Ross

That rhyme is no worse than the one in "The Black Ball Ferry Line," recorded by Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters:

"On the Black Ball Ferry line up in Seattle,
Every single G-O-P and Democrat'll
Hear the whistle blow
And the bells go (FX: clang!),
As the ferry boats go chuggin' right along."


"The Black Ball Ferry Line,"

I'm so tired right now I read that as "The Black Ball Larry Fine," which would have been the greatest novelty song ever.


I'll go my way by myself here's how that comedy ends
I have to deny myself love and laughter and friends
With clouds in the sky above have put the blocks on my fun
I'll try to fly up above for my place in the sun
I'll face the unknown I'll build the world of my own
No one know that I denied myself I found myself alone
Luwow Goldman


tis my grandpa.....Edward Chambreau.....

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