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March 13, 2009



Thank you.


What a treasure trove of trash!
Thanks so much!
I still can't believe Lux is gone.


Check out the radio show Lux Interior did back in July 1984 here


You go, Gorilla. I didn't expect volume 12 so soon! I'm still making my DJing notations on the liner notes that I made up for vol.s 1-11, marking the most outstanding stuff- which is tough with such nice material to wade through. Funny that you came back to 'space', as I used an outer space art-theme for the first two covers that I made up. Thanks for the extra words about this volume, project assemblies should always be serendipitous and fun, eh? Well, I look forward to hearing what you've brought this time. I just recorded a cover this week of "Calling All Cows", of all things, which is wonderful, and I wouldn't have known of it but for Ivy & Lux and you and yer pals. Cheers.


On first listen, it's one of the better volumes in the set.

Rory Murray

These amazingly weird tunes almost took me as long to download as it did for the "swinging ape" to compile, but it sure was worth it. They make me throb and ooze.
Thanks Kogar and R.I.P. Lux.
Rory Murray
San Bernardino,CA


Kogar, thanks a lot!!
On his Purple Knif Show, Lux also plays portions of SUSPENSE by Dickie Goodman.

Mr Fab

What's the Ken Nordine-ish word-jazz nonsense that's the second half of the Dick Hyman track?

Thanks so so much for all these.


Kogar do no wrong.

Hey man, I still miss "Radio Kogar" every Tuesday at feeding time.

J. R. Williams

Thanks much for these killer comps! I'll always remember Lux performing a half-hour-long version of "Surfin' Bird" while climbing the stacks as an encore, Papa-Oom-Mow-Mowing everyone into a trance (himself included). While we're on the subject...there is a comp of the "Mad Daddy's Favourites" available (DL link appears to be up & running) here:

Stay sick, sick, SICK!


Hi , are you going to keep at 12 files or try for a 13th


As none of these great comps have cover art, I spent a few unemployed hours making "covers" for them. They're all in a zip file on Mediafire HERE.

I Google Image searched some shots of Lux and Ivy. I also downloaded some appropriately "Cramps-y" fonts beforehand. Then a bit of Photoshop and voila!

I ain't no graphic artist, but I think they're nice. (Vol. 1's I found pre-made, so I didn't do that).
My favorite is Vol. 8's. I think it looks Lynch-ian.

Hope you like!

King Zog

Peter: Nice cover art. Thanks!

David Morrison

Thank you so much for compiling this and making it available. Such a goldmine. RIP Lux.

Andy Maccallum

Fantastic, thanks for this. Love these compilations and will treasure them as I do my memories of getting to see the Cramps back in the day.


I absolutely love the track Sick! Sick! Sick! by Terry Corin & her (soon to be ex-)boyfriends but can find information next to none about her/the backing band. any help??

Curly Hand

Thank you so much for doing this! Where else could we hear this kind of music? Nowhere! I am grateful for the blog crowd, you cats make
life more interesting!

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