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March 26, 2009


the spirit of l ron hubbard

you will pay mightily for this transgression wmfu!


Listened to 'The Power Of Source', I thought it'd be good for 'chase scene' theme song if you're being tailed by a Scilon PI around "The Streets of San Fransisco" (only if you're driving an ancient LTD, lol)


Years ago, a friend of mine and I did the same thing in Dublin, Ireland and while I was taking my test (the results of which, unsurprisingly, confirmed that I was depressed and quite, quite lost) my friend stole a cassette from the waiting room which turned out to be a spooky sounding man with lots of reverb explaining slowly and hypnotically that the intended listener's son/daughter/friend/associate had chosen a better way of life which no longer included any trace of their past and that they'd better get used to it and be happy for them. I've since lost the tape and nobody believes that such a clumsy induction tool could possibly exist but it DID and I'd be grateful if anyone could confirm it.

Swan Fungus

Johnny! I wonder if that is the same recording Otis has. He mentioned something hypnotic in nature when I asked if he'd heard that jazz album.

I was at a record store today and saw a different L. Ron Hubbard LP for sale. If it's still there next week I'll take one for the team and buy it, even though it's probably overpriced garbage.

I'd like to know what's on those "Clearing Congress" LPs that go for big bucks...


@ Swan Fungus: There's a download page on ED that lists them all.


@ Johnny What you describe sounds similar to a Scientology tape called "why can't we be friends", but it might not be the same thing.


How utterly oool.

Small point: the text file you've put up, though helpful, misidentifies the name of the book the excerpt is from. It's Bare-Faced Messiah, not not "baby-faced."

The story of harassment of the book's author and suppression of the book is amazing. Though ultimately legally unsuccessful, it was practically a success in that it made it very hard to get copies of the book. Fortunately, the Internet came along and Bare-Faced Messiah is available on the interwebs and is quite a cracking biography.

Wikipedia article about the book Bare-Faced Messiah

That Wiki page carries links to the full text of the book both in PDF form and in HTML.

You may want to correct the title in the text file so those interested can find it on the web. The story of Hubbard and his crew sailing around on the Apollo is one of the comic highlights of the book.

Thanks for posting the LP and cover scans. Very cool. Hubbard's one of the world's most amazing kooks.


Did these guys ever jam with Chick Corea, I wonder? If anything is "scientology jazz," it's his stuff...


Yeah, I also visited the Boston Org on a general cult religion romp through the greater Boston area one memorable road trip. A story long in the telling, too long for today, but some highlights.

1) I maxed out on the overcritical score! IMHO this is pretty accurate; I was certainly ready to have fun with my new scientologist friends.

2) I squeezed a free book out of Ralph, our handler. The classic one with the volcano cover ( you later find out after a few 100 kilo-dollars that this is the volcano packed with souls from those dc-9 space planes that Xenu blew up ).

3) The introductory movie! Didn't they show it to you? So weird to see bell bottoms.

4) Closing exchange with Ralph

K> You know Ralph, we've been talking for some time now and you've really made an effort to maintain direct eye contact with me. So I can't help but notice that your pupils are the size of ping pong balls. I've only seen that in people under the influence of powerful hallucinogenics. Does Scientology get you high?

M> I'm astrally projecting right now.

On the way back to the dorms, crossing the Charles river, we watched the sky closely for any signs of Ralphs soul floating around up there...


Yay! Thanks, Anonymous. I'm pretty sure it was "Why Can't We Be Friends" because I dimly remember debating whether the Can't and the We were the right way 'round.


I think that is a young Lisa Marie Presley on the far left of the cover.

el bong huffer

many years ago, i also went through with the introductory series of tests. it was for research purposes though. i was writing a paper for a course on religion in america. this was in portland, oregon, back when they had a center downtown on the corner of sw 4th and washington (it has since moved). i also got to see the introductory movie which was mostly a rambling interview with mr. hubbard. i still get chills when i recall l. ron's baked bean teeth and his bizarre word choices. he was a strange-looking fellow. i also remember thinkning the e-meter was the silliest contraption ever. i knew little about the cult before i went in. afterward, my internet research revealed all its warts and i quickly came to regret my visit, since i had given them my real name. fortunately, i never heard from the "church" again.


i just LOVE cults!!!


I've always been slightly scared to take the test, because I can't see how anyone would believe this crap with their own free will. But I'm really interested in reading all the questions and hear what they have to say about me. I might consider it.

Claude Brindamour

They're trying to build a church in my town! Aaaaaaarrrgh!


@ Swan Fungus: Glad you got away with your life and your, um, physical integrity. There's a really interesting post by a former Scientologist about the training for the person who goes through the OCA test results with people and how manipulative it is. You can find it here:

@ Johnny: You can now download the "Why Can't We Be Friends?" tape from wikileaks:
It's a classic.


PS. I just found a transcript of the "Can We Ever Be Friends" tape. But it's worth listening to the audio to get the whole over-bearing sense of DRAMA!!


xenuphobes, you are a (latterday) saint for this!

mr. mike

Fun stories I've heard about the making of "Power of Source":

They rented out a movie theater in Portugal (that's it in the background of the cover) and Hubbard actually charged the musicians for every mistake they made!

The glum man in the middle of the seated group on the cover is L. Ron himself; he often wore that stupid yachtsman's cap during his time pointlessly sailing around the Mediterranean.

Most Scientologists hated the album, and people were encouraged to buy the record.

After "Power of Source" Ron used more music in his taped journals to the common Scientologist; Ron's Journal 28 (1977) has a cheesy synth opening. Possibly this is why the horrendous "Road to Freedom" album was made. That was the one where John Travolta, Leif Garret, Frank Stallone, and Chick Corea sing or play some of the worst 80s pop crud imaginable.

Claude Brindamour

Updated link in french for the comment: "They're trying to build a church in my town..."

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