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March 28, 2009



You can always try again.

So about the "grow and then inexplicably die" seedlings; describe what it looked like when it died.


It was more a case of "not even begin to grow" really, but I know exactly what I did wrong.

I didn't take my own advice (I know... I know...) and was tempted by a bag of ridiculously cheap compost, which I think the store had just dug out of a skip and bagged up. So of course, it was utterly useless and I think my thyme and marjoram just sat in there and thought "You have *got* to be joking".

We live and learn! LOL


It's hard to troubleshoot these things remotely, so why don't we start fresh and start small? Dampen a paper towel, put some of the marjoram seed on it, fold it in half, and put the packet in a loosely closed sandwich bag. Keep an eye on it for about two weeks. Anything happen?

If that works and you get sprouts, then we'll try another step.


Decent compost, good conditions... marjoram now sprouted and getting some sun on the windowsill! :)

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