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March 25, 2009



This show is ace!! Last 20 minutes of this weeks show kicked me out of my socks!!

Rogi Riverstone

I found WFMU when I was looking for versions of "Stormy Weather" for a documentary I was producing on brain injury, "Brainstorm."

Since then, I started clicking links, just to see what kind of station would have 72 versions of "Stormy Weather" as free mp3s!

I found this show. This guy's GREAT! The way he has synthesized his computer background with Judaism with economics with grass roots with democratic, participatory media.... jeebers, what a perspective!

So, I'm turning my fellow volunteers at KUNMfm on to this show, as we do a bit of this in our programming schedule, too

BY THE WAY! We are ALSO an excellent source of free form music! AND we interview local & visiting artists, who often perform live in our studios!

Right on, Doublas! Excellent miind food!


By the way there is a problem with listening to these files with the zune software. I'm guessing you are using some slightly odd audio format.


Would someone please tell me where the Abba and Buzzcocks remix versions came from + Yes the content is great.


I think I may have just found them :)

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