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March 24, 2009


Sean Murphy

Bravo! Great call on Dracula vs. Frankenstein. Like most, I first encountered the film on late-night TV as an impressionable adolescent. What a mind-blower. Your description is dead on. Almost as enjoyably loopy is Al Adamson's Brain of Blood, but DvF wins out for unrelenting weirdness.

Chris Acklin

'Dracula vs Frankenstein' is a good example of a flick that defies conventional film criticism. The acting, plot, dialogue, sets and special effects all stink, yet these deficits somehow bond together into something memorable, unique and fun.

I was fortunate to see this in the late-80s at an LA screening with Al Adamson in attendance. The turn-out was enormous and it was gratifying to find such a young audience having so much fun with a movie of this type. But I think it was best appreciated the way I first saw it: on TV, late on a Saturday night Creature Feature double bill, in the late-70s. I was in my early teens, devouring each new issue of Famous Monsters, and thus thrilled to see 4E popping up as a victim of the monsters' wrath. Great memories.

Your Pal,


I gotta say "Billy The Kid vs. Dracula" has some deliciously stoopid moments...


Is that Phil Lynott as Dracula?

Chris Atwood

Latest update on FJ Ackerman and Famous Monsters of Filmland, according to Wikipedia:

"On 03/25/2009 a injunction was issued barring Ferry* from using the "Famous Monsters of Filmland" name on publications and merchandise as well the internet. As of 03/27/2009 he has taken down the Famous Monsters website."

*See Wikipedia entry for Famous Monsters of Filmland for more info.

This is why your link is dead.

I read Famous Monsters in its heyday in the '60's. It definitely helped to make me what I am today.

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