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March 04, 2009



Thanks for finding! Interesting sounds.


Sweet! Hey check it hopefully thisll strke your fancy Check it


wow, i just drooled a little on my keyboard.


Is that recording encoded in the QS matrix? If so, it will decode beautifully with Dolby Pro Logic II!

Hear It Wow

Im not sure about the original encoding. I know that it was ripped to MP3 using Audacity for the final master. Ive played it in my car, and the quad effects work beautifully.


Found out it IS in Sansui/QS, and WOW! through Dolby PL-II! Always preferred QS to SQ, but listening to your other quad mp3, found an interesting use for SQ: Set two small speakers (or the ones in an Apple monitor) sideways, about two feet in front and two feet to the right of where you listen. Sort of a holographic, uh, holoSONIC effect. Must be those screwy phase shifts used in SQ encoding, fooling the ears into hearing a bigger space than exists between the two speakers. similar technique to Dolby Virtual Surround, but from almost FORTY years ago!
VERY COOL POST, PLEASE post some more quad stuff, THANKS!

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