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March 11, 2009



On TBS last year, during a broadcast of the the 2005 King Kong, the "Walnut Sauce" repeated over an hour

Listener James from Westwood

That is excellent.

My favorite skip: I want to say this was during a Give the Drummer Some ep. Doug (if it was GTDS) was playing an old spoken-word piece by a guy warning of the evils that drugs can do. The record began skipping on the line "they were smoking mari-WAUNA." Awesome.


that does have a nice, churning, bopping, train engine kind of effect when driving down the road too. but somebody tell that guy it's not nice or hip to steal glasses off of little old ladies.

Krys O.

The song is "The Monster" by Billy Ford and the Thunderbirds. My 45 skipped on 'I'm the monster rock and roll!' The b-side is Billy and Lillie, "La Dee Dah" not their more famous "Lucky Ladybug."



hammond cheese

i just buried a link to that terry reid "You're Nogood" on metafilter a couple days ago.

Andy in Berlin

Here’s my WFMU locked groove story. In 2006, some years before the time of playlist listener comments, I was listening to the radio while I was working and at some point realized I had been listening to the same saxophone solo for something like an hour. Using the WFMU email to DJ function (which means I don’t have a copy of my original mail) I basically told Doug Schulkind that I like perversity as much as the next guy but enough with the loop already.

Doug replied thusly:
>>A) I have no idea what you're talking about. What loop?
B) Don't you see the essentially silliness of your statement?
C) I really have no idea what you're talking about. What loop?>I think it is indicative of what I like about FMU that I thought you were kidding around and just took it as normal playfulness. It was only when I paused real player to listen to my phone machine that I realized something was going on. I was not able to resume the show and my real player crashed. I went back to the acuplaylist to get back on (I listen on the Net) and saw that you have been playing several selections during the last hour. What I was hearing however was a repeated sax line for like an hour.

I have no idea what's going on but when I rebooted real player everything was fine.

Was it just me? Or...?

To be honest, I thought you were turning into Kenny G.>I honestly didn't know what you were referring to! Though I am not a huge
fan of Kenny's efforts, I do appreciate his spirit of experimentalism.
Glad things are back to where you want 'em!

Doug>Sorry for being cryptic. Basically what happened was this:

I was listening to your show from somewhere in the Hindi film music and was sort of absorbed in working and at some point realized that what I was listening to was a sax line that just kept repeating. It was clearly something looping as it was very recognizable. It is indicative of the spirit of FMU that someone would do this and I didn't really question it till I realized it had been going on for some time. All together I think it was over an hour. As I said, under the circumstances it honestly didn't occur to me that there was some kind of technical problem, I just figured you were into a groove or having an obsessive compulsive moment, or whatever. But after a while it started to get to me - hence may first mail. Again, being FMU, that fact that you were actually playing a loop and responding to my mail the way you did, seemed to make sense and I took it at face value and merely responded in kind. Later, after pausing real player to check my messages (in the meantime I had gone out to the post office and when I came back the "loop" was *still* playing) real player crashed and blah blah blah.

Anyway that was *my* fifth dimensional moment of the day!>I wish I HAD done it on purpose!<<


that sure does gently make me LOL: i just buried a link to it in the original boinboing thread too, hammond... great minds, great minds!

That metafilter post is a mine of goodness, so some enormo-thanks for that!

I only wish i could find the perfect ratio of depth of scratch to weight of stylus arm with which to pick out the loops... i've had great serendipity with cuts from paul simon's 'graceland' (i think it was 'diamonds on the souls of her shoes' and the loop was of ladysmith black mambazo) and 'bluebird' from paul mccartney's 'band on the run' lp.

at about 1:40 in this youtube video tom ellard of severed heads does the locked groove thing so effortlessly it boggles the mind:


I don't know if anybody is still checking this but fuck Liz please read this... I'd like to self-promote a loop I made myself consisting of a couple of measures of Roy Orbison's "CRYIN," "IT'S OVER," and "IN DREAMS" on top of each other. It's noteworthy that I didn't have to do any pitch-shifting or speed-alteration for the tempo to be EXACTLY the same and the key to be complementary. I put some generous effects on it though. It sounds so awesome I can still listen to it for all long fucking time and I quit smoking pot a year ago.

I also made a loop consisting of a few bits of Glenn Frey's "SMUGGLER'S BLUES" from the Miami Vice soundtrack with the whooooooo-oooooooo-oooooooo's from Rolling Stones "GIMME SHELTER." Hilarious.

They're both on my *heh* myspace page

I would be fucking stoked if you put it on a pledge premium giveaway. Wish I had read this sooner.

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