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March 18, 2009



Oh man! Another slam dunk from Debbie


There IS a reason to live.


The Mummies, The Gories AND The Oblivians are playing shows again???


birdy num num

good stuff and good times. i recall seeing the mummies play here in seattle when it was an extra hot summer day - uh, they were wearing mummy wrapped shorts. ah yes.

and they also did DEVO's "uncontrollable urge". love these guys.


I cant find the mummies version of "Victim Of Circumstances" anywhere!!!! I had it on cassette years ago and I've never been able to find it


I've wondered for a while... Isn't "Stronger Than Dirt" a cover? It's listed on the garage comp "Tony the Tyger Presents: Fuzz, Flaykes & Shakes Vol. 2" by a group called Soul Inc.

I haven't been able to confirm this because, when I ordered the CD they sent me Volume 3 by mistake. I never rectified the situation.

Can anyone confirm this?


"Jezebel" by the Teddy Boys is an absolute monster.

Debbie D

Yes, Jonny, Stronger Than Dirt is a cover. I believe the original is by Jim Boss and the Sundowners. But the Mummies do it better!

Rev. Marcus Burkhard

More over there's a few 60's Ajax commercial (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFZK5VkQes4 for one) that has the same general melody as Stronger Than Dirt. AMAZING.




Wow, that Supercharger track is the shit.


Did these go on sale yet? Sold out? Anybody? No luck from Maxwells site.

Johnny Volume

Tix on sale now for the June 10th show at Southpaw.


Sweet! Thanks Johnny!

Debbie D

Yes! Thank You, Johnny! Good tip.


thanks for the mp3's! Now if I could only find that Gravediggers record...


any MUMMIES fans MUST check out these freaks from long beach ,ca. MECHANIQUE....WWW.MYSPACE.COM/MECHANIQUEMUSIC

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