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March 08, 2009



Do you know who else liked tubas?



i never knew libertarians listened to negativland...

a hopeless neophyte

what movie is the opening clip from?

"Dollar" Bill(Canada)

Cool to me in a couple of ways.

One and to answer the above question, Joe(1970) featuring not only Peter Boyle, but a early look at Susan Surandon's breasts.

I had the dialog LP"Joe Speaks!" and used to use the same rant by Joe to open up mix tapes, tends to grab people attention.
Didn't see the movie until about 10 years later, but it is classic.

Two, love Funky Tuba, but the true master is a guy named Jon Sass, who has pushed Funk Tuba to new levels.

liberal video creator

"Libertarian conspiracy message"? I didn't know only Libertarians could hate private monopolies masquerading as federal banking systems. Informed.

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