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March 15, 2009



You, my Canadian geek friend, cannot be replaced on this blog!


Another excellent in-depth article by the inestimable LKN. I occasionally try to trim off my excess RSS feeds, and memories of Listener Kliph's well-researched articles always prevents the ax from falling on WFMU. Thanks very much.

Greg G.

You mentioned that Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall met while filming Key Largo (1948), but their relationship goes back to at least 1944 when they teamed up for the feature To Have And Have Not.

Thanks for a great article.

A. Fellow Canadian

One quick correction: it's Pierre Berton, not Burton. An excellent article!


Oh, geez how embarrassing - here I am with A.B. McKillop's new biography of Pierre Berton sitting right in front of me and everything. Thanks for the correction.


I learned several things I thought I knew were just wrong. Thanks! I love it when that happens.


Dude, you need to write a book.


lokel JC FITE Style

I second richards comment! Thanks !

Hugh Dimaline..Newfoundland History Films

I am currently working on a historical documentary and there is a
mention of Jay Silverheels in it. In 1939, the Orillia Terriers Lacrosse
team accepted an invitation to play in the Pacific Coast Winter Lacrosse
League. They offered Fred Smith of the Six Nations Reserve a spot on the team. The Terriers were billeted in a downtown Hollywood hotel and their expenses were covered by their sponsor...Bing Crosby. As a note of interest, the Terriers won nine of their ten games and were declared league champions. As they prepared to return to Orillia, Ontario, a Hollywood type offered their pick-up player a job, and the rest, as they say, is history.

eric dyck

Certainly have a look at Terrence Houle's work...a Canadian performance artist.

His project at the Banff Centre a few years ago involved recordings of white people performing classic hollywood scripts by First Nations actors written by white screenwriters.

A highlight was the campaign of Art photographs on the Banff public transit...such as this one:

Dennis D'Asaro

Folksinger and actor Tex Konig (despite moniker, Brooklyn native and longtime Toronto resident) always thought Jay Silverheels ought to have been cast for Obi-wan Kenobi.

(He also said JS was a quick-draw champion. True?)

Tai Slim

Hey Kliph, You have such a great information about Jay Silverheels, why not you write a full book on this? cheers!


Excellent favorite blogger on this site!!

Mike Schauger

Was Jay ever known for arts and crafts in his later years. Such as paintings, making Indian Jewelrey,etc.?

Sydney Psychologists

Yellow Sky is awesome!! Love it!!


I just watched The Cowboy and the Indians. It was Gene Autry not Roy Rogers who stared in it. Silverheels had a good part and played it very well. In one of the fight scenes I thought they should have had him do the fighting as I knew he'd boxed. I didn't know he'd wrestled.

I always liked and admired Tonto and Silverheels. I never thought of him as a "dumb indian" and considered him smart. I liked his sparse dialogue that seemed to the point. I would have liked to have seen him in more roles with bigger parts.


Is there any way this blog can be NOT done in reverse type? It is slow reading...
great information.

jim myers

jay silverheels does bring back a lot of memorys of the good old days of the 40s and 50s


IMDB has him billed as "Harry Silversmith" in Errol Flynn's "Sea Hawk".

Great article, kudos!


What a misinformed piece? Americans treated Native Americans worse than Canadians did. Many were slain by Americans as they were making their way to Canada for refuge.

boat model

Hi Tai,

I have seen a book on Jay Silverheels but forgot the name. YOu may look in Amazon for this..

- Mathew J.


Unh... you good writer. Me like Silverheels. He big hero when I was small. Look like fine man to party with. You make good Canada story, heap big smiles.

Nicely done, kemo sabe.

Ha'ashkee Dahszii Ya'ai Jii

The LoneRanger Night Song

Now I lay me down to sleep.
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
If I pissed off Jay today.
I pray the Lord,
my soul to take; Before he wake!

Ha'ashkee Dahszii Ya'ai Jii

Jay Siverheels was a Tonto and the Tontos are proud of him

The Ndee nation is divided into Eastern and Western. The

Western has a tribe named Tonto. Tonto is Spanish for "Fool,

Stupid, Silly, Dolt, Dumb, Clown, Mischievous, Restless, and

Idiot." The Spanish spelling of the Apache/Navajo name for

the Tontos is "Vinniettinen-ne." This is:

Spanish Navajo English
------- ------ -------

Vinni Bini' Brain

etti edih dead/missing

nen-ne nnee people/Apache

ndee people/Apache

dine people/Apache in the Navajo

language; according to

Moorhead, the Spanish used

Navajo interpreters in 1791







Bini'adih He-is-insane

Bini'edih He-is-crazy

The Tontos in 1791 are the Western Apaches of today and

include Tontos, San Carlos, White Mountains, Cibique, Fort

Apache, Coyotero, Mohave-Apache, and Yavapai-Apache. Tonto, Ha'ashkee,

and Warrior are equivalent. Jay was a Tonto.

* The title Ha'ashkee in Spanish is spelled: Jasquie.

"It is customary among most of the groups, especially

among the Mimbreno and Gilano [Apaches] to prefix the

the title Jasquie to one who has made himself known

for his daring and gallantry, which is the meaning of

the aforementioned word" (VIEWS FROM THE APACHE FRONTIER:



Elizabeth A. H. John, editor and John Wheat, 1989,

University of Oklahoma Press)

"...individuals who are `enraged' (hashkee) are also

irrational or `crazy' (bini'edih). In this condition,

it is said, they "forget who they are" and become

oblivious to what they say and do. Concomitantly, they

lose all concern for the consequences of their actions

on other people. In a word, they are dangerous."

"Said one consultant,"

"When people get mad, they get crazy. Then they start

yelling and saying bad things. Some say they are going

to kill somebody for what he has done. Some keep it up

that way for a long time, maybe walk from camp to camp,

real angry, yelling, crazy like that. They keep it up

for a long time, some do."

"People like that don't know what they are saying, so

you can't tell about them...He will be crazy, and he

could try to kill you."

"Another Apache said, "When someone gets mad at you and

starts yelling...he may just get worse and try to hurt




University of Arizona Press, pp. 88-90)

Maybe, none of us can tell about Jay and are better off

practicing Tonto "silence."

For a reply e-mail with the whole War Dance, write:

[email protected]

Gar Murp

Your right, racsism was rampant throughout North America even the good old U.S. of A.,where they had the very same unbearable schools that abusively treated the aboriginals, so watch when you call which kettle is blacker. The U.S.had to bring in the voting rights act of 1965 so all U.S. Aboriginals had that right to vote! Jay didn't flee Canada at that timeas you cleverly put it, but left to pursue his "Hollywood Dream", Canada at the time didn't have such a Hollywood North. So go south young man , go south. There is an old saying, stay with the pack, a lone wolf is easy prey. If it wasn't for his dream and he stayed with us, his life style would have been different and Jay may have lived to an old age. We are still proud of our brother, as abroriginal or Canadian, to us were one of the same. P.S. We all remember the slaughter of the innocent women, children, and babies at Wounded Knee"1890", American Justice at work?

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