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March 15, 2009



Hello! I just want to give a titanic thumbs up!!! for the brilliant Topics and Info, you’ve got here on this post. M going to be coming back to your weblog for far more shortly.

Greg Sheahan

Rambling,poorly written diatribe. The "work" of a political dilettante.

Mindy Dorfman

I have come across Harry "Silverheels" Smith's scrapbook including World Lacross Championship 1931, Golden Gloves Champinships 1937 and Buffalo Wrestling Champs 1936. The scrapbook inside cover is also signed to Harry Smith, Best Wishes, Gene Autry. I would like to know what the value might be and would consider selling it.

Gerald Mathews

I was a fireman for the City Of Los Angeles. One day in March of 1980,I was assigned to rescue unit 293 in Woodland Hills, Ca. We were dispatched to a "man down" call at the Motion Picture Home. Upon arrival to the address I observed a man down in the street. A quick evaluation of the man revealed that he was in cardiac distress and was transported to West Hills Hospital.

I learned at this time that I had my childhood hero in my ambulance, Jay Silverheels. Tonto. I informed the hospital staff that Mr. Silverheels was in cardiac distress. The response was "Mr. Silversteen, do you have insurance? It saddened me that the young people there did no know who he was. Yes, I was there. Gerald Mathews, LAFD, retired.

Zig Misiak

Jay Silverheels authorized biography, the 1st ever, TONTO: The Man in Front of the Mask, book to be released July 19, 2013

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